Clothes are not the problem, it’s the mentality: Prachi Tehlan

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Even though the world is progressing, mindsets of certain people are still stuck in the Stone Age, and actors become the easy targets of such regressive mentalities. Slut-shaming is one such issue that is faced every now and then. From Deepika Padukone to Priyanka Chopra, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Esha Gupta etc., everybody has fought back situations where they were trolled for their attires.

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Prachi Tehlan’s Point of View

Prachi Tehlan, who is portraying a ‘tomboy’ in her ongoing show ‘Ikyawann‘ took the podium to express her viewpoint. “Passing judgments on what a person wears has always been disturbing for me. While playing the character of Susheel in my show, I got a better understanding of how such unpleasant and unwelcoming comments influence a girl’s mindset. Nobody has the authority to bash others for their dress sense,” said Prachi.

Prachi Tehlan’s Idea of Perfect Diwali
Prachi Tehlan

Talking about any bad experience she had, Prachi is thankful that she never dealt with anything as such. “Since the day I was born (3 October 1993) I never encountered infuriating personalities of these kinds. No matter what I opted for, my parents supported me thoroughly. From being a sports person to an actor, I was always backed by my closed ones. And this is the reason why I can confidently make decisions for myself today. The crux of the matter is, nobody’s opinion counts if your closed ones don’t have a problem with what you do, what you say or what you wear.”

Referring to the Padmavati actor Ranveer Singh-who was trolled for his attires- Prachi added, “Even the guys in our industry face such meaningless criticisms. This clearly reflects that issue is not about girls or boys, what to wear and what not to, rather it’s the people who have a built-in habit of judging others for no reason.”

Well, that’s similar to the attitude we get to see of our very beloved celebrities. Say it Deepika, Priyanka, or Esha Gupta, all these have either chosen to remain unfazed by the criticism or have wittingly hit back at the trolls.

In today’s time, celebrities are ideals of our society and hence bear the responsibility to set the right example for general public. It’s good to see them as people who are confident in themselves.

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