Hilarious Photos Manipulation by Photoshop Guru James Fridman

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Don’t we all want to look better, many of us try to wear weird makeup, some go for plastic surgery and some people opt for Photoshot. But if you thinking that Photoshop is safer alternative, think twice. Photoshop wizard named James Fridman accepts people’s requests on his Twitter account and does exactly what they ask for. The only twist is, James take his business very seriously and does exactly what people ask for.

He posts his final results of those request on his Twitter account (@fjamie013) which has more than 447K followers now, which is pretty impressive considering that he’s only tweeted less than 100 times. So in case you want to improve one of your favorite photo, just send him that pictures. Just a little warning however which he display on his Twitter bio that: “Do not submit any personal photos that you do not want to be made public.” Fridman can pretty much help you with anything, as long as you’re willing to see the funny side. Feeling brave? Then you can make a request by tweeting him at @fjamie013.

MORE INFO : Website | Twitter | Facebook | Email : fjamie013@gmail.com

Here are some of his hilarious photo manipulations works:

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