Deana Uppals Stuns Audience in Women Empowerment Punjabi Movie ‘Hard Kaur’

The launch of a hard-hitting trailer for leading actress Deana Uppal’s latest Punjabi film, Hard Kaur, has the audience asking for more. Deana, who is Miss India-UK, Big Brother Finalist – UK Big Boss and was also a contestant in Khatron ke Khaladi, will be playing a powerful role in this movie which will serve as her launch into Punjabi cinema in a major way. This beauty with brains has avowed many the world over with her innocent looks and a charming countenance and has now ventured into Punjabi movies to work her magic in the Punjabi community.

Deana Uppals Stuns Audience in Women Empowerment Punjabi Movie 'Hard Kaur'

Hard Kaur

Director Ajit Rampal says “Punjab is one of the greatest states that created the most Women Warriors ever; today it is fading its vibrant grip from its courageous bygones. As our bit to better the “life of our women” we are attempting to make their bravery a regular part of our day to day life, this Punjabi film features “5 Sikhnis” from 5 Different cities of Punjab who go through agony; but come together to fight the hard-ships by uniting, titled as “HARD-KAUR”.”

Deana is playing the role of Sirat Kaur, the simple sweet shy school teacher who gets harassed by men because of her beauty. As seen in the trailer, Deanas subtle but expressive acting stands out and immediately makes the audience connect with her. Her eyes tell a story without saying a word, which only true actresses are capable of doing.

The Producers are Delhiwood. Movie is releasing on December 15th with Whitehill Productions.The main star cast is Deana Uppal, Drishtii Grewal and award-winning actress Nirmal Rishi. This venture aims to awaken the dormant “spirit” lying in our women entertainingly

Here is the Trailer of the movie Hard Kaur

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