When Prachi Tehlan & Manushi Chhillar, Opined Differently To The Miss World’s Winning Question

Manushi Chhilar added another feather in the nation’s cap by inscribing her name as ‘Miss World 2017’. A spontaneous and witty answer from her was enough for the judges to get impressed and crown her.

Though her answer was quite convincing and appropriate, our very own Prachi Tehlan holds a different take on the question asked during the pageant.

Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar (Left) & Prachi Tehlan (Right)

Prachi is another beauty with brains and willpower, who has also been the youngest skipper representing India during CWG 2010. Not only this, it was for the first time under her captaincy that India won it’s first ever medal in Netball.

which profession according to her deserved the highest salary?

In the final round, Manushi was asked to answer “which profession according to her deserved the highest salary?” – to which she replied with quite an emotional yet a sensible answer. She said, “I think a mother deserves the highest respect and when you talk about salary it’s not always about cash but I feel it’s the love and respect that you give to someone. My mother has always been the biggest inspiration in my life. All mothers sacrifice so much for their kids. So, I think it is the job of a mother that deserves the highest salary.”

While on one hand, millions appreciated her for such a touching response, Prachi known for going out of the way and wearing heart on her sleeves opined differently. According to her motherhood is not a profession. “for me, being in any of the defense forces should be the highest paid profession because not everyone has the courage to get trained and protect millions of countrymen. They live their life under extremely harsh conditions, away from home and hence deserve the highest degree of honour.”

Well, even she made a point. All we can say is both the beauties are equally correct at their places. After all, either it’s a mother or a soldier, sacrifice, love, and selflessness are in their nerves.

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