Gujarati Movie ‘Hu Tara Ishq Maa’ Trailer Out Now

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Love and romance are integral part of our lives and so most filmmakers try to capture this emotion and showcase it in a larger than life way on celluloid. Romantic films have a ‘feel good’ factor and who would not like to see heart-warming stories which are make-believe and want you to fall in love.

Gujarati Movie ‘Hu Tara Ishq Maa’ Trailer

Well, directors have mastered the art of romantic films. Gujarati film director Raj Boricha and Chanda Patel beautifully captured love story of Suraj Kumar and Priya Soni Produced by Chanda Patel under the Banner of Blue Diamond Production House. The film trailer has been out now on YouTube, Introducing actor Suraj Kumar, the new emerging talent. He is paired opposite Priya Soni. Suraj will be seen playing a cricketer and Soni will essay the role of a tennis player.

The movie story revolves around two teenagers where they fall in love in college but faith tears them apart. After the long struggle, their strong love helps them to find each other.

‘Hu Tara Ishq Maa’ The film directed by Raj Boricha and Chanda Patel, is based on youth, relationships, ambitions and the twist of destiny. The film will hit the screens on November 3. We promise that you will be in a loving, romantic mood for at least the rest of the week with these classically sweet and passionate mix story.

Check out the trailer here:

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