Joy Personal Care unveils its latest TVC starring Shah Rukh Khan and Sanya Malhotra

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Mumbai, 28th March 2024: Joy Personal Care, the Indian home-grown personal care brand, under the aegis of RSH Global, has unveiled a new campaign highlighting its iconic product Joy Lemon Facewash featuring Shah Rukh Khan and leading actress Sanya Malhotra. Joy Lemon Facewash is one of the leading products that rejuvenate the skin with Active Fruit Boosters. Infused with crushed fruity lemon milli globules, this facewash clears impurities, making it ideal for skincare routine.

Shah Rukh Khan and Sanya Malhotra

The quirky romantic film featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Sanya Malhotra communicates about ‘Day and Night’ usage of the product capturing Joy’s promise to care for skin round the clock. The film further highlights Joy Lemon Face Wash, packed with its fresh lemon scent and skin-friendly ingredients, as the perfect skincare buddy.

Sunil Agarwal, Founder and Chairman of Joy Personal Care (RSH Global), expressed,

“Joy Lemon Face Wash is one of our flagship products from our portfolio. The products is tailored specifically to suit the tropical climate of India. Designed to combat the challenges posed by sultry summers, where excess sweat often leads to clogged pores and breakouts, this nature-based formulation offers a balanced solution and addresses common skincare concerns without causing dryness. With Shah Rukh Khan lending his influential voice to our campaign alongside Sanya Malhotra, we aim to effectively convey this message to a wide audience, emphasizing the product’s efficacy and relevance in everyday skincare.”

Poulomi Roy, Chief Marketing Officer at Joy Personal Care (RSH Global), further commented, 

“There is a science-backed research indicating, that like most organs, skin undergoes optimal rejuvenation when asleep, thus making pre-bed time face cleansing crucial for a glowing skin the next day. In India, we have observed that usually washing face is done either upon returning home or during bath. Leveraging this analysis and scientific evidences on skin rejuvenation, we introduced the ‘last wash’ concept in 2021 and have consistently promoted since. Our aim is to inculcate a habit among people of washing face before going to bed. This approach encourages face wash usage more than once a day. Our latest campaign builds upon the foundation of our ‘last wash’ concept, further enhancing consumers’ skincare routines.”

Commenting on the association, Shah Rukh Khan said, 

“I am delighted to partner with Joy Personal Care as the brand ambassador of the facewash category. It’s a progressive brand, with a refreshing approach that shuns unrealistic beauty ideals and prioritizes inclusivity in its thoughtfully crafted campaigns. I’m eager to embark on this exciting journey with them.”

Sanya Malhotra said,

Collaborating with Mr Shah Rukh Khan and representing Joy Personal Care as a brand ambassador with him is such a great experience for me. It’s been an absolute honour and, as always, it’s been so exciting to shoot with Mr Khan!

Joy Personal Care focuses on maintaining natural beauty and not promoting unrealistic beauty standards. Our skin deserves additional attention and nourishment at the beginning and end of even the most demanding days. Packed with natural elements, Joy Lemon Face Wash effectively eliminates impurities, unlocking your skin’s journey to health and happiness.”

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