Haworth commits to increasing its manufacturing footprint in India as it grows its market share

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New Delhi, 13th July, 2023: Haworth, a 2.5 billion US dollar company, a global leader in premium office furniture and workplace solutions, today announced that it has strengthened its position in the Indian market with 20-25% of the market share in 2022-23. The premium office furniture market in India stood as $300 Million. India has emerged as a key growth market for Haworth, and the company remains committed to providing quality solutions that meet the evolving workplace requirements like design, well-being, flexibility, technology, and sustainability becomes a focal point for any organization and of its customers.

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With a presence in India since 1997, Haworth has pioneered the introduction of premium office furniture in the country and continues to educate and offer innovative products to enhance the work environment. The equity infusion in India currently stands at approximately $8 million, reflecting the company’s confidence in the Indian market.

Chennai, in particular, has played a crucial role in Haworth’s strategic goals, serving as a focal point for the company’s operations in India. The city houses a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, a global shared service center, and a premium showroom and experience center in the country.

Henning Figge, President of Haworth International, said, 

“Haworth’s expansion in India is a testament to our commitment to the country and its vibrant business landscape. We are thrilled to celebrate the remarkable milestone of 75 years, symbolizing our commitment to global design and innovation.” 

Reflecting on the growth journey, Praveen Rawal, Vice President, Sales Asia Pacific, Haworth, said, 

“Haworth is leading the Return To Office (RTO) and hybrid initiatives with development of new products and excitedly looking towards investing further in localisation initiatives at our plant in India. The wide absorption of our product portfolio is vindication that insights of the business are working in the right direction getting us satisfied users at the new refurnished workspaces.”   

Currently, Haworth employs around 300 people in India, including its Shared Service Center. The company’s presence in India extends beyond Chennai, with five showrooms and offices across the country. Looking ahead, Haworth envisions India as a manufacturing hub for exporting products to its subsidiaries worldwide, further emphasizing the country’s strategic importance.

Haworth’s expansion in India underscores the company’s commitment to providing top-notch workplace solutions to its customers and leveraging the immense potential of the Indian market. With the opening of a second state-of-the-art factory for the APAC region, Haworth aims to capitalize on India’s promising market prospects.

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