A Bengaluru man poses as a doctor to marry more than 15 women

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13 July 2023, Bengaluru: Even a mock office and clinic with staff were set up by Mahesh Nayak before escaping with their money and jewellery.

A Bengaluru man poses as a doctor and engineer to marry more than 15 women

A man who allegedly defrauded women by pretending to be a doctor or engineer and then marrying them was apprehended by Mysuru Police on Sunday. Before being apprehended by the police, the man defrauded and wed at least 15 women.

Mahesh Nayak, a resident of Bengaluru’s Banashankari, reportedly constructed numerous matrimonial sites while posing as a doctor, engineer, and even a civil contractor. The 35-year-old has apparently been married at least 15 times since 2014, and she is the mother of 4 kids. In order to pass for a practising doctor, he also established a phoney clinic in Tumakuru and employed a nurse.

Mahesh was detained by the police when a lady he married, a software engineer, lodged a complaint against him. Then several of his victims came forward and told the police how they had been conned. One of the victims stated that he pestered her for money for the clinic and that when she refused, he took her jewellery and fled.

The police are questioning Mahesh in order to learn more about his victims after his father previously reported him for an attempted murder. His victims were typically well educated, employed professionals who weren’t financially dependent on him; as a result, even after realising they had been duped, they chose not to report it out of fear of disgrace and stigma.

According to the police, Mahesh claimed to be a doctor or engineer, but the majority of his wives suspected something was wrong due of his low English language abilities.

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