Janhvi Kapoor reveals her secrets on JioSaavn #NoFilterNeha Show with Neha Dhupia in an Exclusive Interview

This stealer of a fish, at JW Marriott, there was a pond and I don’t know why they have these plastic glasses that I’d sneak into near the pond and I’d steal like little baby fish and I’d take them home and I’d kill them. I wouldn’t willingly kill them, it’s just that I’d keep them carefully with a lot of love but they would just not make it. No, they were babies but I have never gotten over that phase of my life. It’s so wrong.

Janhvi Kapoor Biography, about profile secrets

When Janhvi had to get a butt X-ray done…

I have said this story more than I should on National Television. I was dancing around in my room and my sister or someone had just sharpened a bunch of pencils and kept around a pencil holder. My finale step was that I’d sit on the bed. I sat on the pencil and I got up and it was sticking out of my butt cheek and I was running around the house and mom was running around behind me trying to yank it out. I mean I had to go for a butt X-ray. And, I remember this so clearly, I walked passed the X-ray room and all of these men were just sitting and staring at a blown-up image of my ass.

Janhvi’s take on getting papped 24*7

It’s weird. It really is. I don’t know, Neha, you know because I was just thinking about it today while I had egg on my hair and honey on my face at Namrata’s pilates studios. I was like if they’ve seen me enter the gym today, they are going to see me leave with wet hair, they are going to photograph me entering your studio, your show and they are going to photograph me leaving, they are going to photograph me at Dr Agarwals. So, it’s kind of weird but I think the weirdest part of it is that I have kind of gotta used to it now. As much as people might crib about it, at the end of the day, you are getting attention and how phony does it sound to be like ‘Oh my god, I am getting so much attention’

When Janhvi struggled with being papped always

Honestly, I have my days and I’ve had a long phase where I really struggled with it, when I was very bothered by I don’t know I felt like it was taking away my credibility. It was like a weird deviation and just an interference and people commenting and me reading that and I was getting too caught up. But, then I think the past 7-8 months, touchwood, the work has been so back-to-back, I have realized that it doesn’t matter. Like, if people are going to cry about me wearing shorts to the gym; I don’t care anymore. Because if I wear pants I slip on the reformer so I am going to wear shorts. I mean, there are days when I still get bothered by the comments, I have actually reached a place where I am amused by some of the not-so-cute ones.

Why is Janhvi obsessed with working her glutes out?

So, the thing is that I have a tail bone fracture, which I got while prepping for Gunjan. And, it’s really, it was bad. Touchwood, it’s better now. But, a lot of the doctors I’ve met, and I’ve met about 30 in the past year have said that I need to work and strengthen my glutes to protect my tail bone. So I am obsessed with working my glutes out.

Are you single?

Janhvi’s relationship status with her all-time crush Vijay Devarkonda?

The status is non-existent, unfortunately. I feel like I have put out a lot of feelers but there is no response. No, but I am kidding. It’s just admiration. I am comfortable with the admiration which I guess is one-side. It’s only on interviews and public platforms and on NoFilterNeha shows. You know my phases are actually very seasonal. He’s been quite consistent though. Like my fondness has been quite consistent. No, but there have been a couple of phases after.

When Janhvi said ‘I Love You’ to Rajkumar Rao on social media

He wouldn’t even reply or message me. Because I think he read in an interview that I said this, I think one of your interviews only and then he was like ‘Thank you so much for your kind words’ and I was like these are not kind words. These are like stalker-ish obsessives.

When Janhvi recites a poem for Ishaan

He has the purest of intentions and the purest heart, and he has the dreamiest eyes and….” I think we are better as friends. I think we fight a lot.

The most adventurous thing that Janhvi ever did?

So, I basically told myself that I have six months. I went on a trip with my friends spontaneously, because I have never gone to a shooting range before and I think there was one in Vegas and my friends had been to and I was supposed to come to Bombay in two days and I told mom and dad that I am going to go and watch a film but instead I took a flight to Vegas with my friends and I stayed up all night and went to the shooting range, I shot, I walked around. In this trip, everything was shut and we were just walking around and clicking pictures at random places and I took the morning flight back to Vegas and I made it in time for my flight back to Bombay and they thought I’d just gone for a film and gone to sleep.

When Arjun said he doesn’t want anyone buzzing around Janhvi

I don’t think he said he doesn’t want anyone buzzing around me. I think he noticed that someone was just around me a lot. Ishaan was around me a lot and I was around Ishaan a lot but we were promoting Dhadak, we had no one else to be around. I think he was with me through a phase in life that I think no one else could understand except him, with like the movie coming out and I think he was just there a lot. So we were just buzzing around each other, I guess. 

Janhvi on Arjun as a brother

You know he is protective but I think he is very liberal and he is very chilled out. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to spend as much time with him as like say Anshula didi because he’s always been working. And when he’s here, I’m gone but I don’t know how or why, but I feel that I don’t know how to explain it. But, I know he is there for me and he is looking over and out for me.

The one thing Janhvi aspires to take from her mother

I think mom understood really well the art of conserving energy. She didn’t speak too much, she didn’t faff around too much I guess, but I feel like she just conserved all of it, I think and just erupted in front of the camera. I think I’m like quite everywhere. A couple of people that I have worked with recently, someone I worked with RoohAfza actually told me that I am like her in the way that I am quite different off camera and then on camera. I have realized that just works for me better, than thinking, thinking, thinking.

Janhvi admits to being the religious one in the family 

I think that’s more me than anyone else in my family. And, I think that happened to me after mom. I just remember very organically and automatically feeling like, oh, it’s your birthday, what do you want to do? I don’t know Papa, I want to go to Tirupati or I want to go to Banaras. I want to see the Ganga Aarti. It’s New Years, I wanna climb up. And after the first time I went, I remember seeing the idol, they take you into this room and I just remember crying so much and it felt so good.  And I know every time I climb up it’s about a 3700 step climb, it’s like meditation and I promise you, Neha, if I go two months without going up to Tirupati, I start missing it. I start feeling like I need to go back.

When Janhvi and Sharan took a spontaneous visit to Tirupati Temple

Sharan Sharma, the director of Gunjan Saxena- The Kargil War and my bestest friend ever. And, I think he is my bestest friend ever because we climbed up Tirupati together. I think that bonded us. It was so spontaneous. He called me and we were talking about something and we barely even knew each other. I think I had just said yes to Gunjan or hadn’t even done that. So I said listen I am going to Tirupati, you want to come? We were going to meet Gunjan Ma’am and her family the weekend after so we made it like one trip and he just came and it was a lot of fun.

Janhvi gets a tikka on each and every script of hers

I go to Sidhavinayak every Tuesday whenever I’m in town and I take my script with me, whichever one I am shooting, sometimes two at a time and when you do the darshan I hand over the Pandit the script and they put a tikka

Who in the Family Game:

Works out the most according to Janhvi?

Works out the least according to Janhvi?

Who will end up doing the least number of movies according to Janhvi?
Anshula didi because she doesn’t act.

Who will cry publically according to Janhvi?
Sonam didi is very sensitive, she would cry publicly and I think I have seen her on a couple of occasions cry publicly

Who is most likely to be the worst partner in a relationship according to Janhvi?
Me. I’d be the most fun partner to be with, but, I’d be the worst.

Who is most likely to go broke according to Janhvi?
I hope to God not ever. But, Harsh Bhaiya just keeps buying shoes!

Who is most likely to get arrested according to Janhvi?

Who is most likely to make a fashion faux pass according to Janhvi?

Janhvi’s take on Kabir Singh, its reaction, cinema and art!

I loved the film. Ya, I do have an opinion about it. You know I understand people’s concern. I think, cinema in our country plays such a big part in creating an impression on the minds of the general public. I understand why people might be concerned as it might encourage men to act a certain way but its art. It’s not supposed to cater to like society and like societal norms and what’s right or wrong. It’s art. It’s one man’s reality and its one man’s opinion of someone’s reality. It a grey character. That’s the point of it. If you only make I don’t know, sanitized, society approved, empty shelves of characters, then what’s the point. He’s supposed to be fucked up. He’s supposed to be that’s in cinema art and isn’t art supposed to be a reflection of yourself? That’s maybe someone’s reality and that’s what they are trying to present on celluloid. So, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Freeda Kalo painted really disturbing images but it was called Feminism because it was her reality. You can’t filter art, then where’s the heart in it?

Janhvi thanks Sara for not saying yes to Dhadak and more

Ya, it is. I wanna thank her for giving me Shashank and Ishaan and this experience, honestly. I think what I value most from this first film experience has been this family that I have and Karan and Dharma and I think things panned out amazingly well for her with the decisions she made and it panned out amazingly well for me with the decisions she made and the decisions I made so, ya.

Does Janhvi take Sara as her competition? 

You know I actually don’t think like this. So, it’s never like if I slip up who’s it going to go to. It’s just I can’t slip up. Ever. I get what you mean. I think there’s healthy competition everywhere and it just so happens that we’re in the same age group that we started off at the same time. But I get motivated when I see her. There’s so much to learn from her, from Ananya, from Tara. There’s different things. And I think all of us are so different from one another that we have an individuality and I think that we will all make our place in this industry in a way we want to.

What would Janhvi give and take from Ishaan
He’s a very good dancer so I’d like to take that talent from him. I’d like to give him better caps. He has this grey hat that he wears and I actually stole it and hid it in my house.

What would Janhvi give and take from Tara
Does she have light eyes? She has light eyes. I love light eyes. So I’ll take her light eyes. But, I’ll keep my size, because I like my eye size but just the color I’ll take from her. I’ll give her my color.

What would Janhvi give and take from Sara
She’s very very confident. And she’s a very good talker. I think that comes from the confidence. So that. And I’d like to give her, I think she’s always been very this thing about having thick hair she’d always put onion ruse on it.  And, I think I have good hair so maybe be cute and give her some of my hair.

What would Janhvi give and take from Zoya Akhtar
I’d like to take all of her knowledge on her craft and I’d like to give her because she’s asked for it all of my home remedies for face packs and hair packs.

What would Janhvi give and take from Karan Johar
I just want to make him really really proud. I just want to do good work and I want him to be so proud of me. That’s what I want to give him. Something that I’d want to take from him is his whole closet. 

No Filter Awards:

Ms/ Mr admit they are together already?
Ishaan Khatter

Ms/ Mr worst co-star and why?
So I did one sched of Gunjan and one sched of Rooh Afza  and I got like a lot of attention on set for my work and I was feeling really cool about it. And I did Ghost Stories with Surekha Ma’am and she is just a force of nature so she took all the attention on set. And I was like I want Zoya to love me more.

Ms/Mr get a new stylist
Can I say Ishaan? Because I want to style him

Ms/Mr get another job?
See I’m torn about this because as an audience I am obsessed with Alia and I want to watch her in everything all the time, always. But as an actor, I am so jealous. She’s amazing.

Ms/ Mr best fake laugh
I think Kartik Aaryan.

Ms/ Mr 2020 will be the year of?

Select between the two

Tara – Ananya: Brighter Future?
I hate these questions. Because so many people have asked other people and they have taken my name. Ananya.

Ishaan or Shahid – The better dancer?
I have a bias. Ishaan

Rajkumar or Ishaan – Better co-star?

Vijay or Shahid – Did the better Kabir Singh/Arjun Reddy
Shahid Kapoor

Sara – Tara – Bigger competition?

Rhea or Sonam – better fashion sense?
Rhea didi.

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