Anil Kapoor a serial food snitcher, eats from other’s plates: Revealed on discovery+ ‘s Star vs Food Season 2!

Watch Bollywood’s youngest legend rock the kitchen for the first time on Star vs Food Season 2.

Anil Kapoor

After Janhvi Kapoor on the first episode of Star vs Food Season 2, Anil Kapoor, India’s most beloved and energetic star is all set to join in on this challenging culinary mission, with tons of fun and lots of kitchen fiascos. The veteran actor known for his remarkable career and command over his fan’s hearts is hoping to win the hearts of his friends and family while taking up a daunting challenge he has absolutely no experience in.

In this episode he is up for nothing less than impossible, preparing an Italian brunch under the guidance of Chef Ganesh, Executive Chef at Silly, in Mumbai. He will be attempting a ‘Slow Roast Lamb Slider’ and ‘Gnocchi Pasta.’ The cooking affair is followed by a successful taste test carried out by his esteemed guests and friends from the Bollywood industry, namely Farah Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Maheep Kapoor. Along with relishing an array of a delicious spread, the stars caught-up on some candid and fun conversations.

Select Excerpts from the show:

Anil Kapoor reminiscing days when he used to travel in taxis in a candid and memorable conversation with Chef Ganesh while on their way to the kitchen and said “Main Chembur main rehta tha.. Tilak Nagar me toh mere daddy jo the…gaadi tho thi nahi, toh pehle bus main jaate the..phir thodi si taraki hui toh phir taxi main jaana shuru kiya.. Aur, you know toh obviosuly taxi main baithna bhi baadi baat hoti thi kyun ki usually hum BST bus mein ghum te the. Mera to Kali Peeli ke saath ek Rishta hai. Kafi ache pal guzare hain taxi me”.

Farah Khan on Anil’s cooking

“Zero expectations from him because I’ve never seen him cook in all these 30 years that I know him. It’s good because I am starting from zero so unless it is really burnt and un-eatable everything will be higher than what I expect.”  On asking her view on the food prepared by Anil, Farah said, “I am not fond of Pasta, but this Gnocchi Pasta is the best I have eaten.”

Maheep Kapoor on Anil in the kitchen, 

“I’ve been married for 21 years, dated Sanjay for 5 years so 26 years in this family. Anil has never entered the kitchen… ever, so after 26 years I’m eating Anil Kapoor’s food.”

Sharing his thoughts on the overall experience of cooking for his friends and family, Anil said, “It has ended very emotionally for me, because the whole show has reminded me of my mum. How she would wait for the compliments, that little thing would make her so happy and that’s the little feeling I got when Farah, Arbaaz and Maheep said the food was good. You feel internally blessed that you can serve food and make people happy.”

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