Kalyug actress Smilie Suri latest obsession is Rope Mallakhamb

Kalyug movie Actress Smilie Suri who was in news because of her Pole Dancing now once again she is making media headline because of her new ways to stay fit and healthy. Smilie Suri has decided to make our summer worse. The diva that is fitness conscious loves to explore all the possible ways to stay fit and her obsession is Rope Mallakhamb or anti-gravit yoga. Now days she is learning rope Mallakhamb at Shree samartha Vyayam Mandir, Dadar from renowned Guru Uday V. Deshpande.  She is all gearing up for their daily dose of rope Mallakhamb , a fitness fad that is slowly becoming the talk of the town. Smilie now wants to spread the news and educate people about the wonderful benefits of the fitness program.

On the other side Smilie Suri Organizing Shakti Pole Camp to be held in Bandra, on the 3rd & 6th May 2018. I will be conducting the training on Pole Mallakhamb and Rope Mallakhamb, in this camp. It is especially meant for the Women Empowerment, for awakening of Women’s Inner Shakti. It is best way to release stress, make the mind more calm, & at peace.

Uday V. Deshpande said, “Smilie had frequent attacks of depression, severe Thyroid problems and other challenges, when she came to me. I encouraged her to go to Singapore, for Pole Fitness. Now, she has improved a lot. She got rid of depression, still fighting with the Thyroid problem, now of lower intensity. I am sure, she will be hundred percent cured and will be completely successful in her mission. She is now bringing her Teacher Milla Tenorio from Dubai, who can be a Role Model for all the youngsters. I am sure, all the participants will be benefitted by her experience and expertise”.

Well, the actress has already started rehearsing for the D-day.

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