Karan Johar’s advices Jhanvi Kapoor to not take social networking site trolls seriously!

ISHQ 104.8 FM’s popular show Calling Karan season 2 have been receiving rave reviews for its beguiling concept. The multi talented host Karan Johar has been much appreciated and looked forward to by the listeners for his relationship advices.

Along with the listeners, even the B’town celebrities seek guidance from Karan. One such caller on the show was the gorgeous Jhanvi Kapoor. Tired with the social networking site trollers, she reached out to Karan to know on how to deal with them, “I have one really important piece of advice that I need from you. All of us are on Instagram, Twitter etc. and you know that trolling is a very prevalent thing on all these social media websites, how should I deal with it?”

Karan had a super suggestion for Jhanvi, “I have discussed this with you time and again just learn to be amused by them. They are a group of lonely, unhappy, unattractive, unemployed people who don’t need to give you any input and advice. They are just angry and upset because of their circumstance and they just can’t bare the fact that you are in a poised, beautiful, wonderful, privileged position.”

I am sure this piece of advice will be beneficial for Jhanvi Kapoor. Tune in to Calling Karan 2 on Ishq 104.8 FM Monday-Friday at 10 am and 8pm for the latest entertainment and some of the boldest advice from none other than Karan Johar.

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