Mom to be Sania Mirza awarded the ‘Heroes Behind The Heroes’ award by Sony YAY!

Mom to be Sania Mirza awarded the ‘Heroes Behind The Heroes’ award by Sony YAY! The kids’ channel awards the sports icon the award in celebration on Teacher’s Day.

Being a teacher is an enormous challenge! It is more than just pens and textbooks. It takes patience, passion, resilience, a mammoth sense of commitment and definitely a lot of motivation! Recognising this, and as a salute to all that teachers do in shaping lives, Sony YAY! brings season two of their flagship Teacher’s Day initiative, Heroes Behind the Heroes and awards Sania Mirza, world-renowned Indian tennis player and a former world No. 1 in the doubles discipline, for all her contribution to the field of sport and for building the future of her sport through her tennis academy.

Mom to be Sania Mirza awarded the ‘Heroes Behind The Heroes’ award by Sony YAY!

Sania Mirza has established a tennis academy in Hyderabad, providing world-class tennis training to Indian tennis players and aspirants to meet a greater national responsibility towards the game and its players.

Building on season one/Building on the success of season one, this season of the acclaimed initiative continues to celebrate distinguished names and champions who believed in our role models, putting in all their energies to train and coach them.
“So honored to win this award.. giving back through tennis is something that I could only dream of and I feel so blessed to make a small difference.. so thank you Sony YAY! for the recognition”, said Sania Mirza

Season 2 grows from the success and positive response that Heroes Behind the Heroes Season 1 saw. Heroes Behind the Heroes 2017 saw our YAYtoons visiting renowned names like Anu pam Kher, Shaheen Mistri, and Shiamak Davar and cheering them for all their efforts. Apart from the above. Pandit Birju Maharaj and Mahavir Singh Phogat were felicitated too.

Behind many successful adults is a teacher that helped contribute and shape those students’ foundations for the future and thanking each one of them, everywhere is what Heroes Behind the Heroes stand for!

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