Madhya Pradesh Tourism Roadtrip by influencers in a Caravan #intezaarkhatamhua

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Madhya Pradesh tourism launched a campaign “#IntezaarKhatamHua” to build the confidence and trust amongst the travellers and to keep the audience engaged during the Monsoon season by featuring the major monsoon tourism attractions of the destinations like Amarkantak, Panchmarhi, Mandu, Orchha, Tamia, Bhedaghat, National Parks.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism

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MP Tourism

5-6 days caravan road trips have been prepared from Bhopal and Indore, travel influencers will visit the various destinations of Madhya Pradesh as per the travel itinerary designed to promote the destinations during Monsoon.

Itinerary starting from Bhopal will cover Bhopal, Amargarh falls, Bhimbetka, Tawa, Madai, Pchmarhi, Tamia, Patalkot, Pnch and from Indore the destinations covered are Indore, Patalpani, Choral Dam, Jam Gate, Vanchu Point, Janapav, Mandu, Maheshwar, Omkareshwar, Sailani.

The influencers will travel to these destinations in a caravan of Madhya Pradesh Tourism so that they can have a comfortable journey while enjoying the enchanting landscapes of the State.

The trip will be documented as a Travelogue by both the influencers. The influencers will post their individual blogs through their pages.


A compiled film of both the influencers will be released on the MP Tourism social media handles. Throughout their trip across the state, as they are shooting their travelogue, the influencers will carry placards with #IntezaarKhatamHua written on it and they will click pictures along with it. These photos will populate the MP Tourism SM pages.

After the release of the blog, the influencers will create a “My Top 5 moments from the Heart of Incredible India” – a 5 minute video where they will recount their top 5 moments of the trip which will be combined with snaps and video bytes with a narration by the influencer.

MP Tourism looks forward to boost morale and bring back the confidence in the tourism sector and make them aware that the entire tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh is fully prepared and ready to welcome the domestic tourists.

Madhya Pradesh is also offering tour packages to the tourists that are specially designed keeping in mind safe travel, stay, and excursion for prevention during pandemic.

In order to facilitate smooth travel, the board has come up with weekend and package trips from adjoining cities with all safety measures that are required at the destination.

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About Madhya Pradesh Tourism:

Madhya Pradesh offers an assortment of attractions to everyone who loves to travel. It is the state with the forest area cover of approx. 77,700 sq.kms (Approx ¼ of the total land area) filled with Sal Trees & Bamboos.

It has numerous wildlife hotspots with 11 National parks & 24 Wildlife sanctuaries such as Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary and Chambal Ghadiyal Sanctuary.

The UNESCO World Heritage sites at Khajuraho, Bhimbetka&Sanchi are the iconic sites in the state. Madhya Pradesh has re-gained the tag of being “The Tiger State of the Country” by having maximum Tiger count (526) in the state.

The roar of Tigers has increased in the dense and beautiful forests of Madhya Pradesh. 

Madhya Pradesh is not only home to two JyotirlingasMahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar. Burhanpur, Bhopal, Gwalior and Mandu are some of the beautiful architectural sites, whereas lndrasagar, Gandhi sagar, Tawa and Bargi are the spellbinding water bodies.

Cultural events like Khajuraho Dance Festival, Mandu Festival, Orchha Cultural Festival, Tansen Festival are some of the annual tourism promotional festivals to attract tourists from all walks of life.

Since more than four decades Madhya Pradesh Tourism is facilitating high standard travel services for travellers visiting Central India for Tourism.

Madhya Pradesh is an important state of Central India with an enormous scope for tourism, covering all types of tourism like heritage tourism, wildlife tourism, cultural tourism, pilgrimage, tribal tourism, rural tourism etc.

Their sincere efforts to manifest such aspect of Central India tourism to rest of the world so that tourists can come and explore Central India tourist places, trace their history, enjoy their holidays and return with beautiful memories is the USP.

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