#MeToo just the tip of the iceberg: Karan Oberoi

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Almost a year to the day after #MeToo movement took Hollywood by storm; it has started gaining momentum in the Hindi film industry. A brave initiative by women to level allegations against sexual harassers has been strongly backed every person including Karan Oberoi, who also came up in support.

“I unequivocally support and endorse it from the bottom of my heart and was hoping and wishing that this would happen sooner. The entertainment industry is not a meat packaging industry where one can abuse and kill the sanctity of the creative process, or use it to get your rocks off.  Beautiful, lovely sensitively told stories and expression emanates from a pure place. And they ought not to be tainted by insidious agendas,” Karan Said.

#MeToo just the tip of the iceberg: Karan Oberoi

Explaining the misuse of power in India, Karan says “India is a country that trips on power, which explains the power index quotient of ours. The unabashed power makes these offenders feel invincible and beyond reproach and in turn lead them to believe that they can get away with bloody murder. This strong sense of male entitlement which comes with power, money, and fame has to go.  The entertainment industry has the spotlight to create an example so that it becomes a deterrent for predatory behaviour in other professions as well”, added Karan who feels that it reflects poorly on the complexes and persona of a man if he has to use his influence and power to be able to get intimate with a woman.”

“Having said that, Karan mentions that it would be quite a travesty if this movement is being or will be used to settle personal vendettas. “Also, if it gets restricted to easier targets while big guns who have been perpetuating this nonsense for ages get away by just tweeting their support and not being held accountable for their actions, would imply that with power, money, and influence, you can get away with injustice,” concludes Karan.

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