Nupur Sanon goes back to Writing and Meditation to beat anxiety in this Lockdown

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Nupur Sanon new add on activities in her daily routine includes Writing and meditation to calm her soul out.


Are you anxious and do not know how to beat this never-ending anxiety?

You can now follow gorgeous Bollywood Diva Nupur Sanon’s regime to calm you soul and make the best out of your idle time in this lockdown.

The Meditation Video

The beautiful Nupur Sanon has recently shared a soothing video of hers meditating and we think that is what all of us should be doing to keep ourselves sane and at peace.

Nupur also revealed how she has been doing things that really make her happy and beat the boredom and restlessness.

She has been writing poetry and playing with her adorable pets Phoebe and Disco.

Nupur Says:

Nupur on this context added,” Right now everyone is getting anxious and restless and so was I..until I finally decided to stop wasting time just sitting idle and doing the little things that make me happy and calm my mind…like writing poetry, meditation and playing with my cuties…and of course some ice cream on the side…and I’m going to keep adding to these every day!! So what are your little happy things that keep you cool?
Batao Batao??”

Nupur has asked her fans and followers to share that one thing that they have added to their daily routine to bring in the essence of positivity and calming their inner storms.

It is an excellent way of sharing optimism during these times and may this motivate people to hold on to their sanity and beat all their worries.

Nupur who will be seen on the sequel of the famous album ”Filhall” has recently sang the unplugged version of the song and we are yet drooling over her voice and the tunes of the song.

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