Monalisa on playing a sex worker for the first time in Hungama Play’s ‘Ratri Ke Yatri 2′

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Ratri Ke Yatri 2 is coming on Hungama Play starring Monalisa.


After the roaring success of Ratri Ke YatriHungama Play is back with the second season of the show with an ensemble cast led by eminent television and film stars. The series is an anthology of five dramatic and thought-provoking narratives.

Ratri Ke Yatri Season 2

Set in the backdrop of the red-light area and those residing in it, the show features different actors playing the role of prostitutes in each of the five episodes. The show is directed by Anil V Kumar, and produced by his production company, Anil V Kumar ProductionsMonalisa, who is a part of this journey, will be seen as a sex worker whose strong-headed personality changes everything for the mysterious visitor.

To get under the skin of the character, she had to prepare on different levels. Monalisa focused on mannerisms, and expression and undertook training from a dialect coach to do justice to her role. The actress has done it all.

Sharing about her experience playing such a difficult character, she adds, 

“Every role has its own shape, form, and essence. And it becomes even more challenging when you have to step out of your comfort zone to play a certain character. At the same time, it pushes us as an artist to take that extra step where you give your best shot and deliver a performance that justifies the role. I watched many shows and movies where actresses have donned the role of sex workers. I even had a dialect coach to train me on my dialogue delivery with a firm yet elegant attitude. Since my character is a strong-headed woman, I could add my own elements to it.”

Monalisa sounds content having got the opportunity to play such an interesting character. Revealing more about the story she is a part of in the anthology, she says, “My episode ‘Dulhe Raja’ is about a mysterious visitor in the red-light area and my character, with her wit and headstrong personality, teaches him a lesson for life.”

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