Mrs. India Guyana Kristal Inshan feeds the underprivileged before flying to India

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Mrs. India Guyana Kristal Inshan is soon to participate in the Mrs. India Worldwide beauty pageant at The Leela, Mumbai. The event is about to witness the most beautiful and talented contestants from over 40 countries, competing for the Miss and Mrs. India Worldwide titles, judged by a celebrity panel of judges, with a host of guests expected from Bollywood and Hollywood.

But Kristal is in news for something else this week. She believes in doing more for charity than most beauty queens promise on stage. Kristal not only enjoys spending holidays with friends and loved ones, but makes it a point to make time for the less fortunate and make their celebrations special too. Growing up with struggles of a poor life, she has learned to smile and be kind hearted more than anything else.

Recently, when she was to celebrate her birthday, her first thought was not to celebrate with a party or outing, but cook with her mother’s help for underprivileged children of a village next to her hometown Georgetown in Guyana.

Her ideal great birthday was to share a home-cooked meal with the children. “Bringing happiness to those who have nothing makes my birthday that much more special,” she says. A few days after her birthday, she along with her mother decided to cook some of the best of Indian dishes, after which they headed to a local orphanage to feed the underprivileged once again.

While at the orphanage, she noticed that a teenage girl didn’t have proper eyeglasses. She took her to an eye doctor, and purchased a pair of eyeglasses for her. That’s not all! Every Christmas, Kristal orders toys in bulk, and distributes them at a local village to give each child a gift and let them know how special they are.

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