Not Necessary to Create Hyperbole Around Nepotism Every Time

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‘Nepotism’ became word of the year and indeed the most discussed topic. But Karan Oberoi feels it was a clear case of exaggeration and hyping an irrelevant matter.

Karan Oberoi, who is busy with the come back of his ‘Band of Boys’, simplified the meaning of nepotism thereby calling it ‘quite a natural affinity to be a part of the industry your fathers and forefathers belong to.”

Karan Oberoi Views on Nepotism

Elaborating on the same, Karan puts up a question inquiring about the field where nepotism doesn’t exist. “Doesn’t a lawyer’s son want to become a lawyer? A politician’s son a politician? A business man’s son wishes to end up taking over his dads business? Have we ever asked why would Mukesh Ambani’s son end up handling his Dad’s business empire? Is there something strange about it?”

Karan Oberoi

“When one grows up in a surrounding that has one kind of skew, it’s a natural affinity to want to be a part of it. I wanted to be in the army because my dad was in it. Would my dad’s input have made my job easier to get into NDA, or would I have been preferred as an Army cadet because I came from a family of soldiers? I probably would have. But again, that’s natural and unavoidable. That’s how this world works. It’s just easy to point a finger at the film industry because it has a fishbowl existence,” he further added.

Yet how would you defend the existence of nepotism when you agreed to the point that it’s easier for their kids to get noticed and make a debut in the specific industry?

Proving his take, Karan went on to say, “Yes, getting an opportunity maybe easier, but eventually, the acceptance or rejection is always by the audience based on talent n merit alone. And there are glaring examples of those around us.”

Considering media as highly responsible for hyping things, Karan further mentioned, “Media, unfortunately, does play a huge role in creating this hypothesis based on their own obsession with the star kids. Would I have known SRK s children’s or Sridevi’s daughter’s name if the media had not talked about it to the extent it does?

For heaven’s sake, I also end up knowing a toddlers name because he happens to be Saif and Kareena’s son.
So why blame the film industry alone. When the media itself is investing huge time money and energy in making these star kids stars, even before they have taken their first baby steps in the industry. And if they are, why would any sane individual not avail the God-sent opportunity?”

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