Hug in a Box: &ME introduces India’s first complete Period Box for Period care – Inside & Out

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The period box is fully dedicated to catering to all your menstrual needs from comfort food to eco-friendly sanitary pads


Bangalore based women health startup &Me announced the launch of their monthly period box which aims at providing complete and uncompromising period comfort.

The Period Box

The kit comprises of &Me’s niche offerings like Period Tea, Period Chocolates, “No compromise” Sanitary pads, “Easy” Menstrual cup and Soothe Roll On.

&Me’s focus over the years has been to be a companion to women throughout the multiple stages that they go through in their lives.

Backed by stern research, &Me works towards providing effective, natural non pill based solutions for women’s unique health needs.

In the last 2 years, with products for PCOS, PCOD, Period pain, UTI, Weight Loss et al, &Me has identified a massive underserved opportunity and carved a niche for itself.

There is not a bigger killjoy than a painful and annoying period. Through their complete period kit they hope to help women ease their menstrual pain, and comfort from inside out.

What is inside &Me Period Box:

1.       Period Tea: India’s first-period drink. &Me Period Tea is an innovative blend of 25 ingredients from Ayurveda and modern science. Only products in the market that are proven to help across period symptoms of cramps, body pain, bloating, fatigue. The tea comes in a delicious Rose Spearmint flavor and is warm and comforting

2.       Period chocolate: World’s 1st period chocolate. We all crave dark chocolates during periods because of mood swings and declining Serotonin levels. Sugar loaded market chocolates only worsen the problem. &Me Period chocolate is an innovative solution to manage period cravings and mood swings with 55% Dark (oat milk based) chocolates along with essential micronutrients and ayurvedic herbs. No sugar! Nothing exists in the market like this!

3.       “No compromise” Sanitary pads: Budget pads that give the best of comfort with Rash free fabric, Heavy flow protection. Specially made for women who suffer from heavy flow, PCOS, and UTI. Made in India and Rs199 only.

4.       Easy” Menstrual cup: Extremely soft to take in and out easily – the most common problem that reduces cup adoption. These unique menstrual cup that come in only 2 sizes to make it easy to decide, and leverages innovation in stud shape, silicon material and microholes to help with the same

5.       “Soothe Rollon: Ingredients from across the world to bring Instant pain relief. Also helps with better moods and sleep during periods. Toxin free.

6.       Comes in a beautiful Period care box (with a story letter)

On the launch of the Period Kit, Co- founder Sheta Mittal said,

&ME is the first Indian brand to launch the innovative period drink and period chocolates that took the period conversation beyond sanitary pads and even cramps with products that solve for period symptoms across cramps, bloating, moods and energy! We learnt during our research that the most intimate relationship a woman has during periods is with the pads and cups and  hygiene care. Through the box we aim to be her best friend, someone who takes away a bit of her pain and soothes her down.  The market has polar options where organic appears expensive and cheap ones come with skin rashes, besides menstrual cups are hard to insert or remove and also the roll-ons are usually not good for the sensitive skin.Thus &ME Period Box is a one-stop solution to offer utmost comfort and care to our women during their period cycles.”

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