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Urvi Singh

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About Urvi Singh

Talented Indian actress Urvi Singh has established herself in the country’s cinema and television industries. Her birthday is September 2, 2002. She started her acting career when she was young and has since made appearances in a number of movies and television programs.

She comes from a middle-class family and had a keen interest in acting from a very young age. 


After completing her studies, Urvi began her acting career with small roles in television shows and advertisements. She appeared in several popular TV shows & web series such as “Kota Factory (2019),” “Crushed (2022),” and “Firsts (2020).”

She also appeared in several other Shows which were critically acclaimed.

Urvi has a reputation for having broad acting abilities and has taken on a range of roles throughout her career. She has represented people from many backgrounds, and her performances in both serious and lighthearted parts have been praised.

Urvi is well recognized for being family-oriented and having a close relationship with her family in her personal life. She has a reputation for being outgoing and frequently attends events and gatherings with her friends and business associates.

As someone who values health and fitness, Urvi is well renowned for these traits. She regularly frequents the gym and can be seen exercising there. She is well-known for maintaining her body through a strict diet and exercise routine since she values remaining healthy and fit.


In terms of relationships, Urvi is currently single and is not dating anyone. She has kept her personal life private and has not revealed any information about her relationship status.

Urvi has established a solid reputation as a gifted and adaptable actor in the Indian cinema and television business thanks to her dedication to her craft and hard work. She is regarded as one of the most promising actors of her generation and has earned the respect of her colleagues. She is sure to advance in her career and continue to captivate viewers for a very long time because to her talent, beauty, and sense of style.


To sum up, Urvi Singh is an accomplished and adaptable Indian actress who has made a name for herself in the country’s film and television industries. She has played characters from various backgrounds in a number of movies and television shows. She is renowned for her diverse acting abilities, passion for exercise, and healthy lifestyle. Although she prefers to keep her personal affairs out of the public eye and is a quiet person, her work and talent speak for itself. She keeps putting in a lot of effort and will no doubt keep audiences entertained for many years to come.

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