Welcoming the new year with world-class Korean and Turkish short films on ShortsTV

ShortsTV presenting various Korean and Turkish short films in their new segment World Cinema.

Korean and Turkish short films

International content has been gaining popularity as stories from different parts of the world resonate with Indian viewers. As we mark the new beginning, ShortsTV presents a plethora of international short movies through their new segment World Cinema.

This segment will feature movies across the globe every month, starting with the best Korean and Turkish short films. These films are available on ShortsTV across DTH players such as Tata Sky, Airtel TV, Dish TV & d2h, and mobile apps such as Amazon Prime Video Channel & Airtel Xstream App. Some of the best shorts available on the platform are:

HARD TO SAY (Korean)

When a young girl has her nervous, romantic advances spurned because she cannot find the words to express her feelings. She takes a dejected walk through a wooded area.

Finding an abandoned guitar, she begins a surreal journey of the imagination to glimpse the loving relationship she longs for and prove she is not the only one who finds words hard to say.


A middle school student, Jung-Eun practices cartwheeling in gym class at school but finds it difficult to succeed. Hoping to impress her crush, she continues to practice cartwheeling.

In addition to the description of Jung-Eun’s experience of puberty, her first love, friends, and family. The film shows remarkable directing as each situation is carefully curated to create focus and humor.  The film also premiered at Busan International Film Festival.


It’s Evren’s 18th birthday, the day he will inherit the family fortune. But Evren has other plans. Despite both his grandmother and the family lawyer trying to give him a sense of direction in his life, his only goal is to prepare for the end-of-year talent show at his high school. The story will take you by surprise towards the end with Evren’s life choices.

NODE (Turkish)

This is the story of those who live on an island in the middle of a lake. In the movie which tells that life—even during childhood, youth, and old age—does not change for this island and its residents, the time is depicted as a static phenomenon.

The island never changes; no one leaves/can leave there even though years show them the reality called “death”.

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