What irked Esha Gupta?

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A recent episode of &TV’s popular dance reality show witnessed an intense ‘high fever’ moment not among the contestants, but between celebrity judge Esha Gupta and the show anchor, Nitesh Shetty.

The ‘bachpan’ special episode saw the celebrity judges talking about some of their fondest childhood memories, a first crush being one of them. Ahmed Khan and Salman Yusuff Khan humorously shared their memories of shying away from their first crush along with their celebrity crushes. On hearing, their story and being further probed by Priyanshu Jora, Esha Gupta also decided to narrate a story of her own. Remembering her first boyfriend she said “I have always been a studious person inclined towards sports. When I was the volleyball captain, my first boyfriend was a basketball captain and we used to often coordinate our breaks to meet at the water tank.”

What irked Esha Gupta?

A light-hearted atmosphere of laughter and memories soon turned into a heavy and intense one after the host, Nitesh Shetty got the actress upset and annoyed with one of his jokes directed towards her. The latter who is known to be a joke master took things a bit further. He spoke about having a love affair with Esha Gupta and cracked a slightly offensive joke on her being his first crush. Feeling offended and hurt by his joke, the actress stepped aside from the judge panel to take a moment to gather herself. Commenting further upon the joke she said “Everything is funny to a point but if extended beyond that, it gets a little degrading. Things like this should be thought through before being said!”

While Ahmed Khan and Salman Yusuff Khan stood in support of the actress, the host took the opportunity to apologise to her. Will Nitesh be able to pacify the infuriated actress?

To know more about the feud between Nitesh Shetty and Esha Gupta, watch High Fever…Dance ka Naya Tevar on Saturday and Sunday, at9:00pm only on &TV

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