What’s Prachi Tehlan’s Idea of Perfect Diwali?

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Colours are in the ambiance, hustle-bustle in the markets and cheerful faces are quite a frequent sight to be spotted these days. . Well, it is evident from the scenario that the festive season is approaching soon. No matter how busy our favourite celebrities are in the shootings and promotional stuffs, to get hung up on the festival planning happens naturally to them as well.

Prachi Tehlan’s Idea of Perfect Diwali
Prachi Tehlan
What’s Prachi Tehlan’s Idea of Perfect Diwali?

One of our beloved television actress, Prachi Tehlan, couldn’t control her excitement to share her idea of Diwali with her fans. Despite of the packed schedules and back to back shoots, she prefers to take a leave on the festival and enjoy. Talking about the same, she said, “I love being at home on Diwali because these are the only occasions when we get to spend some quality time with family and close ones. Moreover, such Diwali is synonymous to mouth watering food.  There is no substitute to the home made food. I don’t have to give a second thought when it comes to keeping aside my diet plan to grab a bite of matar paneer, poori sabzi with raita and of course sweets.”

The big time foodie Prachi also promotes environment friendly Diwali. Telling about how she prefers to celebrate it, she said, “I love to light candles to decorate my home. I preferably refrain from burning crackers as they are neither good for humans not the animals. My idea of a perfect diwali is eating good food, relaxing while doing activities I love and visiting relatives to strengthen our bonds.”

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