Actress Ridhima Pandit shares her lockdown trauma on Not Just A Chat Show

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~Ridhima opens about trollers in front of Anushka Sen on Not Just A Chat Show ~

Ridhima Pandit

With fame and popularity, comes a huge trauma of constant public scrutiny. While the fans are in a habit of overwhelming the celebrities with their love, the trollers leave no stones unturned while shaming them.

Many popular stars in recent times have come forward to reveal their personal traumas and now, on Zee Café’s Not Just A Chat Show, actress Ridhima Pandit opened up about one such personal life incident.

Chatting with the host of the show Anushka Sen, she said,

“During the lockdown, we had all gained weight. While in the past also I have gained weight, but it was for roles. Maybe then nobody noticed it but this particular time people got a chance to say that –‘you have put on weight’. I uploaded a very nice picture on Instagram and people started commenting about my looks. I got 5-6 comments suggesting that I looked fat. I felt so bad then, I can’t tell you. I went to my father. My father explained to me then ‘if they love you, they also have bad breaks for you. So, nothing is permanent and always keep that in your mind.’ So yeah, that helped me.”

On the show, Ridhima Pandit also shared about her journey in the field of acting. She said,

“I wanted to act since I was 6 but my family was very distant from this sector. So, I used to look for ways. One day, I tricked my father and told him that I wanted to participate in a theater workshop just to improve my body language and learn everything along those lines. My father being the innocent person that he is, allowed me. And then I went on to do theatre for quite some time. Then, I decided to work as there was a lot of peer pressure. Everybody was working. So, I became an artist manager. I used to manage a lot of actors and that’s when I learned that you should never ever throw a fit because then you will never have a repeat value. People should always speak good behind your back and that will only happen if you are good to them. So, yes that job taught me a lot and I traveled the world but, my true love is acting. I started with a lot of ads and the gradual next step was Television; it welcomed me with open arms and that is how I got my first show.”

Witness Ridhima Pandit pouring her heart to Anushka Sen in Zee Café’s Not Just A Chat Show this Sunday at 7:30 PM

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