One on One Interaction with Kannada TV Actress Krystyna Devina Lason

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Krystyna Devina Lason is an experienced anchor turned lead actress of Kannada TV serial Billi Hendthi.

Kannada TV Show Billi Hendthi Actress Krystyna Devina Lason
Krystyna Devina Lason

Early life & Pre-career Establishment

Krystyna Devina Lason is of mixed Polsih- Indian origin . She started modeling at the age of 16 with Elite Modeling agency in Mumbai where she grew up.

To gain work experience she interned with leading media houses in Mumbai like 9x News, CNBC TV 18 and Time out Mumbai Magazine.

After her work experience, Krystyna moved to London to pursue a degree at University Of The Arts London in Media.While in London, she dabbled in theatre production and modeling.

After a second Media & Journalism course at Harvard University, Krystyna worked with leading media firms in the UK like CNBC and NBC.

A few years later she returned to India and continued to work in media as an anchor and producer with various news channels like CNBC TV18, Wion and Times Group. She covered news beats such as Business, Virtual Reality, Travel and Lifestyle.

Thus from a young age she has excelled in theatre, modeling and journalism. She is an animal lover and works with NGOs for the protection of stray animals.

Krystyna has a lot to offer with her unique position being of mixed origin, having a strong education in the media, lived and worked in Europe and India and thus understands both cultures & worth ethics well. She speaks fluent English, Hindi, some French, Polish and Kannada.

Seizing new career opportunities

After anchoring for several years in India and London, she was offered a challenging role as a female lead in Billi Hendthi.

A Kannada serial remake of a box office hit movie from the 80’s, this show is based on a foreign girl who falls in love with a Kannadiga man from India, whose family has trouble accepting her wholeheartedly.

The serial is aired from Monday – Saturday on Star Suvarna at 5.30pm as well as online on Hotstar. This is first time in India where a foreign girl is the lead in a mega series, now approaching 450+ episodes.

There is no Polish origin actor in India till date to create this impact. She has faced many challenges in mastering the language barrier.

An uptown Polish lady, who never spoke Kannada in her life till this, is leading the show which has done exceedingly well.

In between shooting this show, she still does anchoring for news, travel and lifestyle shows for leading channels like Times Network.

She anchored a major series ‘Gabon Calling’ in Africa where she interviewed top movers and shakers in the country including several ministers to understand investment and travel opportunities.

Krystyna is keen on learning various forms of spiritual and healing practices like Tarot Card reading, Animal Telepathy, Astrology, Akashic records, Yoga, Reiki and much more.

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