Ananya Chadha – Rising Star of Bollywood

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There are many unknown who people spend most of their lives trying to figure out what they desire to do for a career, but like child actors, Ananya Chadha are among very few because they know just what they are destined for from a young age, acting.

You have seen Ananya, as a child stars but these days it’s impossible not to notice her because she’s a real beauty, it takes someone distinctive to make it from kid to adult in the entertainment industry and she has it.
Ananya a young inspiring actor who actually look all set to make the crossover into adulthood, acting. Being a former child stars has come over every hurdle of adolescence and into adulthood intact and has all to flourish as adult working actors.

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Ananya Chadha

Calling her pre-teen times on the set of Singh Saab The Great, Aashiqui2, Ramaa The Saviour, Ruslaan, Hijack & many more. her fame days as a child star,Ananya recently told us how proud she is to be a former child star.“I loved working. I loved being a kid who had a talent. I loved all that positive support I got every day. It was incredible to be able to do that so young.”

Ananya further says, “If parents are able to keep every other facet of the child’s life under controlled then it is very normal a kid do well and I have my mother who controlled and left me to explore and express through my work.” As rightly put across by Ananya talent alone is not enough for youngsters to survive and thrive in Bollywood. It is like survival of the fittest and you have discipline.These kids need a strong hold up and they require to be kids.

Looking at her recent photoshoot it is already giving a sense that she has become seasoned she has her head firmly planted on her shoulder at the age of 20 and she know what it’s like to get the job done. A child star who is prepared; leaving no stone un-turned and determined to have a long stay in film industry.

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