Atrangii OTT Drops It’s Compelling Crime Thriller ‘In the Rani’ starring Mughda Godse In the Lead

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Atrangii OTT, under the visionary leadership of Vibhu Agarwal, has dropped their highly anticipated crime thriller, “In the Rani” today. This gripping series unfolds the compelling story of Roma Majumdar, portrayed by the talented Mughda Godse. The series is a fiction drama, loosely inspired by real life events of strained relationships, deceit, jealousy which leads to heinous crimes. The series has dropped on the platform and is available for binge-watch to the viewers.

In The Rani

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This riveting crime thriller unveils the journey of Roma Majumdar, hailing from a small town with big dreams. She achieves tremendous success professionally as she charts her way into the corporate world. However, Roma’s journey takes a tragic turn filled with difficult situations. Infused with cunning and edgy personas, their interconnected stories unfold with multiple twists, turns, and an unpredictable climax, making “In the Rani” a gripping narrative filled with suspense and intrigue.

Mughda Godse shared her experience of working on “In the Rani” and the launch today, 

“This role was definitely very challenging and this character has multiple shades to it. The character is a far far departure from what I am in real life and to get into the skin of Roma and understand your thought process was my biggest challenge. This is an essential process for any actor to portray the character but when the character is so convoluted and complex it makes the process even more difficult. I am honestly grateful to have got the opportunity to play this multi layered character on screen. It helped me push the envelope in terms of my acting abilities and I feel the audiences will see it for themselves. The show has a gripping story-line and slick execution and will genuinely keep the audiences hooked to their seat.” 

Nivedita Basu, Senior Vice President Group, stated, 

“We are delighted on the launch of this gripping new series, as it presents an incredible narrative woven with a seamless blend of deceits, fraud, betrayal, love, revenge, and drama. It has got all the ingredients to make it a binge-worthy thriller for our loyal audiences. The exceptional cast along with the gripping storyline will definitely keep the audiences hooked. We are glad to begin the new year with this series.

“In the Rani” is streaming now on Atrangii app.  Don’t miss the chance to delve into the riveting world of crime, suspense, and the complexities of human relationship

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