Beard Growth: Tips to Speed Up the Process

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Many factors can affect beard growth in men. Men may experience a decline in facial hair growth due to genetic factors. Sometimes, certain products damage the facial hair cells and stop beard growth in men. It is important to analyze the root cause of this problem and then start treatment. Many doctors and experts have seen that a beard serum with minoxidil can help promote facial hair growth in men. Minoxidil allows the expansion of the growing phase of hair cells and activates them. This is one ingredient that allows effective facial hair growth in men. You must use a beard serum regularly to see the benefits.

Using a beard serum regularly is a topical treatment for beard growth. You have to make certain lifestyle changes to speed up the process. While a beard serum will promote the growth of a thick and strong beard externally, certain lifestyle changes will help to change the game for you. A beard serum and a healthy lifestyle will help stimulate facial hair growth. You can also reverse genetic factors and have a strong beard by following the right tips.

Beard Growth Tips

If you want to have thicker beard, then beard serum is your key.

Tips to Grow a Beard Faster

Many men habitually use different products on their faces to promote beard growth. Sometimes, these products harm than good by damaging facial hair cells. You must apply a beard serum with the right ingredients, such as minoxidil. Here are a few simple tips that you can follow to stimulate beard growth:

Follow a Skincare Routine

You should curate a skincare routine with the right products and follow it regularly. Men should follow a skincare routine twice daily. They must include a beard serum in their routine to promote the growth of a thick and strong beard. One must take a few drops of the beard serum and massage it gently in the area where the beard will grow. Follow this process twice daily to see the results. Make sure that your beard serum is free from chemicals and parabens. The other products in your skincare routine should also blend well with your serum.

Healthy Diet

Eat food containing vitamins, minerals, zinc, iron, etc. Your diet should provide enough nutrition to the body. Besides a beard serum, facial hair cells need nutrition to stay active. They need nutrients to work actively and promote the growth of a thick and strong beard. You must focus on eating a healthy diet and avoiding junk food items. You must reverse the condition by following a healthy diet if you cannot grow a beard due to genetic factors. Go to a doctor who can recommend which beard serum is good for you and curate a diet to treat your problems.


Exercising regularly helps to increase blood flow in the body. Proper blood flow will ensure that your hair cells receive enough nutrition. You can grow a beard faster if your hair cells receive nutrition. A minoxidil beard serum also helps to increase blood flow near the beard region. Besides this product, rigorous exercising will also enhance the flow of pure and toxin-free blood in your body. Exercising also helps to increase testosterone levels in men. This allows better facial hair growth.

Sleep Better

Men need at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily for the body to function better. Testosterone levels increase in men when they sleep properly. Testosterone is a hormone that is directly related to beard growth in men. Low testosterone levels will reduce the growth of facial hair in men, and high levels will speed up the process of beard growth. You have to sleep better if you want to promote the growth of a strong beard. Make sure to maintain your testosterone levels; sleeping is the best way to do this.

How to grow a thick beard?

Apart from following these tips, keeping your beard clean and moisturized will help promote a thick beard’s growth. You should regularly use a beard serum to provide facial hair cells nutrition. Take a look at how you should apply a beard serum:

  • Take 2-3 drops of the beard serum in your palm.
  • Rub the amount of serum before applying it to your face.
  • Now, gently apply the serum to your beard.
  • Massage the area properly and spread the serum so your skin can soak easily.
  • Repeat the process twice daily.

Make sure your face is clean and dry before applying the serum. Research properly to see if the serum is good for your skin type. Ask your dermatologist about the best beard serums available on the market that have shown effective results. Also, ensure that the other products in your skincare routine do not react with your beard serum.

Men can’t accept poor beard growth and will do everything to boost the growth and have a dense beard. While many products supplement the beard’s growth, others may help you maintain it. If you want to have a strong and thick beard, you must learn how to maintain it. Follow the tips above and see if your beard takes less time to grow. Always consult an expert before applying any new product.

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