Official trailer launch of Bengali Film “Abar Awronne Din Ratri”

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Kolkata, March 20, 2024 – Indo Americana Production launched the highly-anticipated trailer of their upcoming Bengali film “Abar Awronne Din Ratri,” in a gala event at Soul, the Sky Lounge in Kolkata. 

Abar Awronne Din Ratri

After the official poster release, the unveiling of the trailer marks a significant milestone in the journey of “Abar Awronne Din Ratri.” Audiences are poised to witness a tantalizing glimpse into the soulful journey of four friends in the heart of North Bengal. 

In the movie Nandini leads her friends, Enakshi, Sweta, and Mithi, on a journey to North Bengal Dooars for their vlog, “Musafirana”. Amidst verdant landscapes and delectable cuisine, they confront personal challenges and form profound connections. As reality blurs amidst the depths of the jungle, they discover the power of self-discovery and renewal. The film culminates in a hopeful embrace of the future, guided by their shared experiences. 

The trailer of the movie offers a glimpse into the emotional odyssey of our characters and the enchanting views of Dooars, where their journey unfolds.

It is a ‘Coming of age’ , feminist film, women empowerment redefined with a fresh take on the girls who want to explore, travel and look at the world with a different outlook. Daring, adventure, thrill, fun, music, songs to rejuvenate life on the way for all the girls and women who want to dream big. Why should boys have all the fun? remarked  the director Suman Maitra.

The movie is produced by Indo Americana Production, directed by Suman Maitra releases across theatres in India on 5th April, 2024 

Please watch the trailer here:

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