Celebrities Broke Their Silence About Breast Cancer; A Not-So-Rare-Disease Anymore

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When you type the word “breast cancer” for Google search, every link that you will come across will give you detailed information about the early symptoms of the disease in women, how they should cope up with it, importance of spreading knowledge about cancer and how necessary it is for the welfare of your mom, sister, aunt etc.. Well, it’s true to the point that spreading awareness is the need of the hour but is it truly the ‘most common cancer only in women”?

Celebrities Broke Their Silence About Breast Cancer

Celebrities like Karan Oberoi and Bhuvan Bam have come up to talk about the importance of spreading right information about the disease. Owing to the tech-savvy world we live in, it has becomes far easier to communicate our thoughts to a wider section of the population. Social media platforms, group discussions, campaigns and word of mouth are few of the innumerable ways to deal with the problem of breast cancer.

Enlightening people about this not so rare disease, Bhuvan Bam, a social media sensation, warns to watch out the early symptoms in your body. “Breast cancer is one such disease that does not discriminate whether you are 16 or 36, men or women. What came as a shock for me initially was the fact that even men are equally prone to breast cancer.  Hence it becomes mandatory on the part of every individual to go through a monthly check up. And since 70% cases of disease are curable if detected at an early stage, what’s the harm in having a check up so as to avoid such risks.”

But is there a way to keep you safe from such a deadly disease?

“Well, it’s the regular exercise that keeps cancer at bay. Dedicate few minutes of your day towards any sort of physical activity. Also avoiding alcohol helps majorly in keeping you safe from breast cancer,” he further added.

Bhuvan Bam Video on Breast Cancer

Bhuvan Bam recently shared a video to aware people about breast cancer, watch video on youtube:

Half the battle is won when the population is aware of the danger. Karan Oberoi, a well known television actors also shared his view about the issue. He feels that the lack of awareness of something as basic as breast cancer, which is amongst the most prevalent of all cases of cancers is really appalling in our country! And to think it can be detected by a simple 2 minute self examination , and thereby cured in time , yet is not so ,  is cause for major concern in terms of lack of information available to all !

Suggesting ways to deal with it, he said, “We have to talk about it, engage and educate people about it! Any conversation around it should be encouraged, whether it is public forums or personal chats! So talk, share, engage, comment, encourage discussion on social media pages! Any and all talks about it would be of help!”

Appreciating this take while talking about YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam, Subhin John, owner of social media marketing agency said, celebrities should not feel shy/bad to share awareness of breast cancer. Celebrities talking about such an issue will for sure prompt fans to think seriously about the problem. It is a great initiative.

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