Actresses Huma Qureshi, Tara Sutaria, Malavika Mohanan, and Amala Paul come together for an initiative Dimension on beauty inclusivity and acceptance

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Huma Qureshi, Tara Sutaria, Malavika Mohanan, & Amala Paul come together for Dimension An initiative on beauty inclusivity and acceptance.

Actresses Huma Qureshi, Tara Sutaria, Malavika Mohanan, and Amala Paul come together for an initiative on beauty inclusivity and acceptance

Beauty standards can be easily defined as ‘never enough’. You are either too fat, too thin, too dark, too pale, and the list goes on. These unrealistic expectations often take a toll on mental and physical health amongst individuals struggling to be accepted for who they are. While the prejudices still remain, Godrej Professional, the leading professional hair colour brand, attempts to make a difference with ‘Dimension’, a campaign weaving beauty with the message of acceptance, inclusivity and self-expression. The initiative attempts to do this through hair colours. #Coloursareforall as the hair colour one wear doesn’t see gender, race, size, or skin.

To amplify the message, Godrej Professional brings together people who struggled with the societal stereotypes for their individuality. This includes leading ladies from the Indian film industry such as actresses Huma QureshiTara SutariaMalavika Mohanan, and Amala Paul. The initiative features inclusivity champions like Nitasha Biswas, a transgender model and TedX speaker, model Archana Akil Kumar, Influencer Aayushi Badheka – an advocate for mid-sized fashion and model Zander Lama. All of them were criticized either for their body size, skin colour, sexual orientation, and regional heritage.

Commenting on the campaign, Neeraj Senguttuvan, Category Head – Hair Care, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL), said,

‘Fashion and beauty are proud and unapologetic reflections of individual identities. There has often been misconception that hair colour and bold styles are only for a certain segment of people. The truth, however, is far from that. As a brand, we’ve always believed that our products can be used by absolutely anyone and that’s what makes Godrej Professional a leading name in hair colour segment. We want to be synonymous with inclusivity and confidence, the campaign and the ‘Dimension-Ombreyage collection’ is a step in this direction. This new campaign will push us to look at blurring lines of beauty and create an acceptance for all.”

As part of the campaign, Godrej Professional attempted to symbolize inclusivity and self-expression with its latest ‘Dimension Ombreyage’ collection. Co-created by the country’s prominent hair stylists like Heena Dalvi, Ryan D’Rozario, Sylvia Chen and Najeeb Rehman, the four hair colour looks encompasses a multitude of tones and styles to create distinct looks for every mood, every style and every identity. It celebrates and flaunts every dimension and style that makes one look and feel beautiful, inside and out because hair colour does not differentiate between gender, race, size, or skin tone. The four new looks are donned by inclusivity champions as well as Huma Qureshi, Tara Sutaria, Malavika Mohanan, and Amala Paul.

Dimension-Ombreyage collection features the following looks:

Look 1: Sandstone Ombreyage    

True to their personality, Tara Sutaria and Aayushi Badheka opted for a Sandstone Ombreyage look curated by hair stylist Sylvia Chen.  Inspired from the earthy tones of nature, the look has infusion of cool and warm tones of blonde shades along with a classic mid-length haircut that gives a soft look that stands out!

Look 2: Auburn Ombreyage

Malavika Mohanan and Archana Akil Kumar chose the Auburn Ombreyage look curated by Ryan D’Rozario. This hair look is a perfect blend of colour and cut that not only brightens but also neutralises your skin tone. This beautiful hair colour can be a perfect addition to the appearance, which not only adds colour to hair but also life!

Look 3: Crimson Ombreyage

Amala Paul and Nitasha Biswas went for a bold look with red hair and were styled by Heena Dalvi, National Technical head at Godrej Professional. The Crimson Ombreyage look is inspired by deep red and violet colours of cherries and rubies. This look works beautifully for all skin tones because of its dimensional blend of hues. Heena combined this colour with a classic inverted layering haircut and styling that maintains a perfect balance of movement and texture

Look 4: Pearl Square

The pearl square look donned by Huma Qureshi and Zander Lama is curated by Najeeb Rehman. He created this stylish Pearl Square using a creamy, pearl blonde colour which gives a luxurious statement to the hair! He added more depth to this look with a classic Square cut that gives a soft texture, complimenting the colour perfectly

Sharing her views, actress Huma Qureshi said,

“Everyone is deserving and has every right to feel beautiful, just the way they are. ‘Dimension’ campaign flaunts and celebrates every person’s individuality and style. Every human being has the right to look and feel beautiful. I am excited to associate with Godrej Professional and this collaboration is close to my heart because I resonate greatly with the campaign’s idea of being beautiful, proud and unapologetically unique.”                                     

Actress Tara Sutaria added,

“Being an actress isn’t always easy especially with constant judgement and comments on our appearance and even personality. I’ve faced it too! The new campaign by Godrej Professional is close to my heart with their ode to acceptance and celebration of all.”

Actress Malavika Mohanan commented,

“I am no stranger to trolls both personally and professionally. I have learned to stand up for myself and love ‘me’ unconditionally. My personal style gives me the confidence to carry myself proudly. With ‘Dimension’, I want people to know that you can always rise above by staying true to yourself.”

“Online trolls and bullying is a reality for everyone who dares to express themselves unapologetically. I do not take this trolling quietly and live how I want. The idea behind #Coloursareforall is the boldness I try to embrace in my daily life”, said, actress Amala Paul

Transgender model, Nitasha Biswas added,

“Being a proud member of the LGBTQ community is never easy. I have fought hard to be accepted by the people around me and more to be recognised as a trailblazing trans woman. Being an ally of this campaign is meaningful given the struggle with societal inclusivity. I flaunt and celebrate my crimson hair with love and kindness for all those who feel like outsiders.”

Supermodel Zander Lama remembers the time where faces with oriental features were very rare in the fashion industry and didn’t fit into the stereotypical mainstream requirement of the Indian fashion environment at that point of time however now he is happy about the number of oriental featured models in the industry and feels proud about being the pioneer for the same. Even after these many years of hardwork, the constant question of “why only the stereotypical features remain mainstream? “constantly probes his mind. A skinny, oriental guy from the mountains has succeeded in the fashion industry and has been shattering the preconceived barriers of beauty.

Godrej professional is the first Indian hair professional range developed in partnership with the Indian hairdressing industry, tested and certified by the Salonists and Scientists alike. The colour range consists of 28 stunning hair colour shades, all specifically created for Indian hair.

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