Hot Muggs launches `India Heritage’ traditional drinkware range with a twist

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Heritage is something that is associated with music, dance, painting, sculptures, architecture, etc., With India being a land of diverse cultures, Hot Muggs has launched a set of drinkware to celebrate Heritage with a twist. Be it a kaapi tumbler (south India), Lassi da glass (North India), Milk Glass (National Beverage), Sherbat Glass (quencher) and Maharaja glass (royalty).

Hot Muggs launches `India Heritage’ traditional drinkware range with a twist

Mr. Rajat Jain, CEO – Hot Stuffs, the company that owns the HotMuggs brand, said, “India’s pragmatism is visible in the intermingling of new customs and styles with the existing – this is visible with variations in the practices based on their local needs and influences.  India Heritage, offers innovative designs that are ethnic, yet contemporary, and hence 100% Indian.”  

Hot Muggs — a stylized drinkware concept, is available in innovative out of the box designs that are trendsetting with the emerging trends and lifestyle and targeted this at the discerning Indian Middle Class, Housewives, Yuppie families and the Youth.  Hot Muggs is available through leading online portals, lifestyle stores across the country, co-branding and co-marketing. 

Hot Stuffs offers the widest selection of drinkware products like Mugs, travel Mugs, flasks, bottles, and related accessories available under the flagship Hot Muggs brand.

Celebrating Indian Heritage Series, the Kaapi tumbler and Dabra is an ode to the aromatic and the powerfully stimulating South Indian Filter Coffee.  It’s traditional form is designed in matte stainless steel, and further stylized with coffee bean graphics. 

Lassi da Gilaas is a tribute to the irrepressible vivaciousness of Punjab, and to one of its most powerful icons – the lassi.  The traditional form of the “gilaas”, and quotes like “Malai Maar Ke”, “Made in India”, “India Jeetega”, are further stylized with graphics depicting the vibrancy of its land. 

Royal Milk Glass – Milk attains aristocracy when flavored with almonds, saffron or rose syrups. And to fittingly address such royalty, the glass retains its antique and indulgent form.  It is further stylized with the graphic of a rose depicting beauty and luxury. 

Sharbat Glass – An ode to the sweet, cool and immensely refreshing romance going on since the 16th century.  With graphics reminiscent of the sharbat’s cultural origins, the glass is designed in two tone – matte and gloss – and is further enhanced functionally by its “no sweat” (double wall) feature.    

Maharaja tumblers are tumblers with a crown, designed beautiful, ethnic and royale – traditional design.

Hotstuffs has a team of professional designers working on lifestyle accessories that focus on the concepts of attitude, personality and thematic collections.   The company has also been involved as the official licensed merchandiser for many global brands, like: Disney, Yash Raj Films, and IPL teams.

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