Be WOW, Naturally with WOW Onion Black Seed Oil Range

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Nature-inspired personal care brand WOW Skin Science has recently launched a new campaign highlighting what they’re best known for in the space, “Being Natural” with WOW Onion Black Seed Oil.

Deepika Sabharwal Tewari, Chief Brand Officer at WOW Skin Science

With this campaign, the brand is unveiling its new brand proposition “Be WOW, Naturally!” which reinforces the commitment of the brand towards bringing out the best & freshest ingredients from nature.

WOW Skin Science has been one of the very few brands to actually deliver on the promise that products made using natural ingredients can make you look & feel WOW. Hence the brand proposition of Be WOW, Naturally!

Deepika Sabharwal Tewari, Chief Brand Officer at WOW Skin Science, while talking about the campaign, said

“WOW Skin Science is the first Indian brand to introduce personal care products which are free of harsh chemicals at affordable prices. Every product is made of more than 95% natural ingredients and the brand as a whole is completely vegan, cruelty-free and has no sulphates, no parabens & no Silicone. We are the only natural ingredient brand which delivers visible and effective results to make you look WOW. Our brand proposition of ‘Be WOW, Naturally’ attempts to succinctly underline this consumer benefit.”

The campaign is to promote their bestselling Onion Black Seed Oil Hair Care Range, which is India’s 1st and original range made with the goodness of onions.

What makes this entire range unique is that in addition to Onion, it is also enriched with Black Seed Oil. The combination of these two essential ingredients helps reduce hair fall, supports healthy hair growth, and keeps scalp build-ups at bay.

The campaign kick-started on 28th August, with the launch of a film featuring Pratik Gandhi and Shreya Chaudhry. In the video, Shreya can be seen imparting Pratik wisdom on how she keeps her hair looking naturally gorgeous, without using harsh chemicals, through regular use of the all-natural WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Oil Hair Care range.

If you’re looking for a Hair Care Range that makes you go all WOW, you can check out the range at

Body Cupid Pvt Ltd

Body Cupid Pvt. Ltd is a personal care and wellness company that takes pride in crafting products made with natural and nourishing ingredients.

They’re passionate about delivering innovative products, keeping customers at the center of everything they do. The company has over 500 personal care & health supplement products in its portfolio.

The products are manufactured and packaged in a state-of-the-art facility set in the Himalayan Valleys to preserve maximum potency and efficacy. The company presently has three major brands – WOW Skin Science, WOW Life Science, and Body Cupid.

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