Fighting air pollution with the shield of Ayurveda: Nirogam introduces the revolutionary ‘Inhale Boost Tablets’

In a bid to tighten the leash on diseases caused by air pollution and rough weather, Nirogam India Private Limited has launched “Inhale Boost tablets” in the market. These tablets contain several potent Ayurvedic herbs that are known to cure all sorts of respiratory disorders and allergies.

Inhale Boost Tablets
Inhale Boost Tablets

Nirogam is an E-commerce platform that offers a wide range of wellness, organic and Ayurvedic products. The organization is dedicated to creating Ayurvedic remedies for all sorts of diseases to help people live happy, healthy lives.

Talking about the revolutionary tablets, Mr. Puneet Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Nirogam, said, “There has been much talk recently about the rising air pollution level that is deteriorating the air quality severely. According to several studies, breathing in the polluted air in the Delhi-NCR region is equivalent to smoking 11 to 13 cigarettes a day! That is an alarming statistic and it shows that while we need to curb air pollution, we also need to strengthen our bodies against the menace that is looming large over India’s most popular metropolitan cities.”

“It is why Nirogam has formulated the Inhale Boost Tablets. These Ayurvedic tablets will help treat lung-related issues, sinus issues, and allergies caused by the heavily polluted air in big cities. Inhale boost 120 tablets can help cure Influenza, support the immune system, and are also helpful in treating cough and cold,” he further added.

Since these tablets are 100% Ayurvedic, they are derived from natural ingredients and are, therefore, free from any side effects. The Inhale Boost Tablets comprise ingredients like Mulethi, Pippali, Holy basil, Adulsa, Tulsi leaves, Dalchinni, Amalaki, Haritaki, Ela, Pushkar Mool, Tankan Shuddh, and Lavang. All of these ingredients are known to possess a myriad of healing properties.

Inhale Boost Tablets possess restorative qualities and contain powerful antioxidants that support the generation of new microbe-fighting cells. These cells help to curb lung infections and assist in soothing the respiratory tract muscles to clear mucus depositions and inflammation for trouble-free breathing.

Moreover, these herbal tablets are antiviral and support first-line immunity. They calm down inflamed brain cells and muscle tissues and give assistance in detoxifying organ systems. They also improve the metabolic rate and enhance stomach functions for the complete absorption of nutrients. Useful as a natural carminative to treat heartburn, indigestion, and bloating, these tablets also diminish chances of constipation and flatulence.

Another major benefit of this modern preventive is that it pacifies excess Kapha Dosha, and is beneficial for increasing the overall energy level. It can also treat cold-related symptoms like throat itching, headache, etc.

One can purchase these antiviral- herbal tablets from Nirogam’s official website at the MRP of $24 (Rs.1831.37) and can also claim a special discount of 20% on the product.

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