Kiara X Kimirica: Together, have partnered to write a new chapter in Kimirica’s love story

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Kimirica is a luxurious personal care brand that curates its products with the finest detail and care. Their thoughtfully designed self-care experiences combine the goodness of nature with science-led innovation, and now their partnership with Bollywood celebrity Kiara Advani will allow patrons to purchase the products that have captured the celebrity’s heart.

Kiara X Kimirica
Kiara Advani

Every 2 seconds, a Kimirica product is used somewhere across the globe, thanks to their presence in numerous luxury hotels and resorts like Leela, Hyatt, Fairmont, Marriott Group, Radisson Group, and many more. It’s truly a brand made in India & loved globally. Now with retail stores in over 30+ locations in India and a presence in over 25+ countries across the globe, it’s easier to experience these luxurious products for yourself, which is just how Kiara herself came to know and love the brand.

“A few months ago, I was traveling to Mumbai from Hyderabad after a shoot and I came across this beautiful-looking store at the airport that had amazing products,” says Kiara. “I ended up picking up a gift for my mum as she loves bath products and beautifully scented candles. The best part was that everything was 100% vegan & cruelty-free. Also, the store was so inviting. Soon after the brand reached out to me and having used the products I was sure this is a brand to watch out for”. With a mutual passion for creating things that are good for you and the planet, this partnership between Kiara & Kimirica is written in the stars.

Kimirica’s focus on creating not just products but luxurious experiences means there’s a story in every bottle. Each collection offers a sensory escape, and with such a wide variety of products and fragrances, there is something for everyone to enjoy. “I particularly adore the Love Story Collection. It smells amazing,” Kiara shared. The collection has been created with the utmost finesse and attention to detail in their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant like every other product Kimirica has to offer. Kimirica ensures all their products are 100% vegan, ethically sourced, and cruelty-free.

In our conversation with the Founder Kimi Jain, she said,

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Kiara Advani. I couldn’t think of a better face to promote our brand. The story of Kimirica, in a true sense, is a Love Story, and I am elated to see that Kiara loves the brand as much as we do. Kimirica is redefining luxury. Our passion is to spread joy through natural, sustainable, luxurious experiences. And our partnership with Kiara aims to create awareness around how self-care is a way to shower yourself with love – something we could all do a little more of.”

The collaboration between Kimirica and Kiara Advani means you get products that have been handpicked and endorsed by the Bollywood icon. Whether you are starting or ending the day, be it a Spa Sunday or just a break from the daily hustle, time spent bathing is important and personal. Kimirica’s fragrant, soothing and skin-loving products elevate your bath into a luxurious experience. You can now experience the luxury and care a celebrity does both on-screen and off-screen, and with 30+ stores across the country, your nearest Kimirica store is now closer than you think.

Kimirica’s entire collection of skincare, bath, and body care is now available at their website ( and online marketplaces, please visit

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