Twiinkle Saaj – An Actor, Model and a Cinephile for Sure

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Twiinkle Saaj is an upcoming actress who’s studied method acting at Lee Strasberg in New York. She’s also done plays there like Stop kiss, Lovers and other strangers.

Twiinkle Saaj Model and actress
Twiinkle Saaj

She started training in method acting under Neeraj Kabi( Ship of Theseus, Sacred Games) who’s an acting coach in Mumbai.Having done several ads and campaigns she believes movies are her true calling.

She loves traveling and world cinema. She would like to play a character like ‘dexter’ someday. Her favourite films include Blue is the Warmest Color, one cut of the dead, pretty woman, Call me by your name and Three identical strangers is her favourite documentary. She’s a true cinephile and is looking forward to do quality cinema. 

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