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India’s trailblazing star KING LAUNCHES NEW LIFE ALBUM – a riotous collection of twelve genre-bending songs released with Warner Music India.


“Phenomenal Moment for me personally”… shares King on his second International Collaboration with  GUCCI MANE for “WE ARE THE ONES”

India’s trailblazing star King has delivered what is sure to be one of 2023’s top albums in New Life – a riotous collection of twelve genre-bending songs from the artist, released with Warner Music India. Officially arriving as King’s fourth studio album, the sonically diverse body of work blends a mix of Hindi and bilingual tracks with electronic, hip hop, and industrial influences; lyrically, New Life hears King touch on themes of introspection, fear, healing, happiness, ambition and triumph, while expanding his portfolio of international collaborations by teaming up for tracks with Gucci Mane and Julia Michaels.

Two released tracks, “Crown” and “Sarkaare,” have already made their mark, with “Sarkaare” successfully breaking into the charts. Now, New Life is gearing up for the release of another anthem in the making, titled ‘Tu Jaana Na Piya.’ Positioned as the successor to KING’s global hit ‘Maan Meri Jaan,’ ‘Tu Jaana Na Piya’ is the romantic magnum opus featured on ‘New Life,’ poised to captivate hearts and dominate charts worldwide. Revealing a more vulnerable side, KING bares his heart on this raw, emotive record, skilfully portraying the various shades of being lovestruck and melancholic.

New Life is also fronted by international sensation Gucci Mane featuring single “We Are the Ones” – a statement piece defined by menacing electronic sounds and racing drum rhythms helmed by David Arkwright (Bella Poarch, NCT Dream). “We Are the Ones” offers audiences a feast of boisterous bars about ambition, confidence and self-motivation delivered by King and Gucci Mane. These two heavyweights from their respective hip-hop genres join forces for the genre-fluid creation, transcending borders to showcase the vibrant diversity of the global music scene. Meanwhile, “We Are the Ones” is King’s second major international collaboration following on from his crossover hit, “Maan Meri Jaan (Afterlife)” with Nick Jonas earlier in 2023.

Speaking on his second international collaboration KING shared,

“On this track, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the legendary Gucci Mane, marking not only a significant moment for the Global journey of the current Indian Music scene but also a phenomenal moment for me personally. It’s a fusion of two different worlds, Hip-Hop meeting a new wave, and together, we’re creating a massive rage anthem that knows no borders. Gucci Mane’s legacy in trap music is undeniable, and now, we’re here to redefine the game with “We are the Ones”.

Elsewhere across the dynamic album, New Life reminds listeners of King’s fiery talents as one of the leading rap talents succeeding in the global music sphere. The stormy “Legends” candidly recounts King’s journey to the top as a stamp of authority on his success, paying homage to the Indian hip-hop greats Badshah, Honey Singh and Raftaar who came before him in a move which proves King as the torchbearer of Indian hip-hop – something King furthers. On the other side of the spectrum, softer moments in New Life come via the sunset sounds of “Runaway”, a vulnerable crossover gem which deals with escapism and also features a verse from the renowned hitmaker Julia Michaels and tapping into ‘90s nostalgia with a contemporary twist for the bouncy “High Hukku”.

In a landscape where Indian charts are typically dominated by music from Bollywood artists with decades of experience, King’s latest album, ‘Champagne Talk,’ grossed over 1 billion streams across all platforms, with the iconic track ‘Maan Meri Jaan’ alone garnering over 891 million streams.

Fortifying his position as a unique storyteller and melody-king, New Life is set to keep King’s name in the mix as part of his natural progression into a globally recognized pop force.

KING – NEW LIFE Tracklist:

  1. “Aafat”
  2. “Runaway (feat. Julia Michaels)”
  3. “Tu Jaana Na Piya”
  4. “Good Trip”
  5. “Sarkaare” [Second single, watch the music video here – 4M+ views)
  6. “Tum Saath Rehnaa”
  7. “Legends”
  8. “We Are the Ones (feat. Gucci Mane)”
  9. “High Hukku (feat. Nikhita Gandhi)”
  10. “No Loss”
  11. “CROWN” (First single, watch the music video here – 7M+ views)
  12. “Legends (B Side)”

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