MedscapeIndia prestigious Awards 2017 opens nomination on Doctor’s Day which is dedicated to saving the Girl Child

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MedscapeIndia-Aryan Medical and Education Trust is a volunteer organization of medical professionals from various specialties and works for the development of citizen’s health through various initiatives. The activities of the organization and its efforts to improve the quality of life of the downtrodden, the underprivileged through campaigns including HIV awareness, Breast cancer awareness, Doctor’s handwriting campaign, education and medical camps. The organization’s focus on the girl child remains undiminished through Save the Girl Child campaign and Anokhee Pahal campaign which promotes health, sanitation, and wellbeing of underprivileged sections of society.

MedscapeIndia prestigious Awards 2017 opens nomination on Doctor’s Day which is dedicated to saving the Girl Child
Dr Sunita Dubey

Today, with a population of 1.3 billion, India is suffering from serious lack of effective health care services and the number of health problems is rising than ever. After looking deeper into the current scenario, the need to bring in a real-time transformation of the health sector, its policies, services, and functioning.

MedscapeIndia created a new platform that can put doctors in the spotlight as change makers which they actually are. The first ever ‘Doctors’ Anthem’ expresses doctors’ feelings and gratitude towards the society for their well-being. Another very important aspect in today’s world is the use of technology and MedscapeIndia strives to bring in technological advancements that can be provided to people from every stage of society in the most convenient manner.

As compared to the world, there is a shortage of doctors, Indian doctors are more pressurized, unsafe, underpaid and taken granted by people who don’t realize that doctors have their own limitations and try to put in their best efforts. Even in this digital world, Internet and machines cannot replace the human touch and scientifically earned knowledge that doctors possess. Being very philanthropic by nature, they go unaccountable for the good work they do. Hence, MedscapeIndia through its ‘Care and Share Activity’ is making doctors’ efforts accountable and appreciated in the society and honoring them with the ‘Good work Certification’. MedscapeIndia Awards is also directed in appreciating doctors for their committed work. The most awaited glorious televised awards have started pouring its 6th-year nominations. Whoever has done an impactful contribution in the field can nominate for an award at or or for further queries contact on 022- 26740000.

Renowned Radiologists founder chairperson Dr. Sunita Dube said “Indian doctors are real heroes as they are generous enough to treat their patients for free whenever needed and silently continue this noble work. It is disheartening to see the society’s belligerent response to doctors’ sincere hard work. We need to understand that doctors do a critical job of dealing with lives and every life matters to them as much as to the patient’s family members.”

MedscapeIndia is soon coming up with ‘MedscapeIndia App’ which will bridge the gap between Doctor, Layman and Patient.

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