Actress Nishigandha Wad inaugurates Mamta Gogte art Exhibition ‘Brushful of Colours’

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Bollywood and Marathi film actress Nisigandha Wad and Joint commissioner of Traffic Mumbai Police Amitesh Kumar inaugurates Prof. Mangal Gogte, a multi-talented artist and academician Art Exhibition ‘Brushful of Colours’ at Nehru Centre. People witness tranquility and understand the healing powers of watercolour at an exhibition of her paintings.  While talking to the media Mamta Gogte said, ““I have loved to paint all my life. However, I became busier with time and lost touch with the art. I later went on to write columns for Marathi newspapers since I had always loved writing,” she says.

Actress Nishigandha Wad inaugurates Mamta Gogte art Exhibition ‘Brushful of Colours’

A beautiful painting done in watercolour radiates sheer brilliance with light bouncing off the white paper and reflecting back through the paint. It appears as the painting is lit from within reflecting the vibrancy in colour and tone and paying delicate attention to nuance and shades.One can see some new techniques used besides normal technique of water-colours on paper. One is to use Fevicol with watercolours and the other is salt with watercolours. There is some modern art too. Thus the viewer will be able to see a variety of paintings.

“I have started promoting watercolours as a medium for not just painting but for achieving long-term health benefits. I am taking short, four-day workshops with many students who have taken up the challenge and want to experience similar results,” she said.

Exhibition of Prof Ms. Mangal Gogte’s paintings is at Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli between 30th May to 5th June 2017. The exhibition is open to others for viewing from 31st May 2017 (11am to 7pm). All my paintings are in watercolours.

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