Priyank Sharma’s refers his onscreen mother Niki Walia as ‘NikiMaa’

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ALTBalaji’s high-school drama Puncchbeat has become one of the youth blockbusters; the audience is absolutely in love with the stars. The fans are always on a look-out for more details about their favourite Rosewood High students. It turns out the viewers also cannot get enough of the renowned Indian television personality and the gorgeous Niki Walia who plays Priyank Sharma’s mother in the series.

A li’l birdie chirped to us that both Priyank and Niki share a strong bond even off-screen since he truly respects her and regards her as his mentor. So much so that, just as Priyank’s character Rahat refers to his mother Maya as ‘Maa’ on-screen, Priyank has been referring to her as ‘NikiMaa’ off-screen since the time they met. In fact, the heartthrob also tags his co-star as ‘NikiMaa’ on posts across social media platforms.

Priyank Sharma’s refers his onscreen mother Niki Walia as ‘NikiMaa’

Priyank shares, “It all started from Dehradun where Niki Maa and I got really close to each other. I have seen her handling and managing things so perfectly together. Not just Maa and her family but also us sometimes. I address her Maa because I see my best friend in her who gives me advice like a mother whenever needed. She is the one with whom I share everything and anything as she knows my life inside out now. The kind of aura she carries with herself is so strong that it will automatically connect you to positivity which can only come from a mother. She doesn’t let address her as ma’am, so I call her Maa.

Another bond which is very special with PuncchBeat students Siddharth Sharma, Khushi Joshi, Harshita Gaur, Kajol Tyagi and Niki Walia (Maya) is that she is a real-life masi (aunt) of Nikhil Bhambri.

It always warms the hearts of the viewers to know that the on-screen co-stars often share great bonds off-screen as well and this is a wonderful example at that!
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