What Tests Are Done In Normal Fever And Its Importance?

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Dr. Keerthi Kotla, Consultant Pathologist, Apollo Diagnostic Pune

dr Keerthi Kotla

Pune :- Fever or pyrexia is not an illness, but a symptom that is seen due to the elevation in body temperature. Fever is a consequence of an underlying condition like an infection. Those with fever will get irritated, and there will be chills, headaches, body aches, poor appetite, weakness, sweating, dizziness, lethargy, and nausea. Certain tests will help you to know about the fever.

Blood test: White blood cells (WBC) fight infection, so an increased level of WBC’s is indicative of infection. By taking this test, the doctor will be able to determine if you have any infection and give you proper treatment.

Widal test for Typhoid fever: This is taken to detect the presence of salmonella typhi, salmonella paratyphi a, b, and c, which are responsible for causing enteric fever. In this test, an agglutination reaction between the patient’s serum and salmonella antigen indicates can turn positive. You will have to beware and seek timely care.

Test for detecting malaria: Used to detect the presence of malaria parasite. In this test, one’s blood is collected and made into a thick smear on a slide, which is analyzed under a microscope for the presence of parasites. The QBC malaria test is considered to be accurate to tackle malaria.

 Test to detect dengue: ELISA (Enzyme-linked immune sorbent assay) is a commonly used test to know about dengue.

 Increased levels of the total protein indicate infection or another inflammatory condition. A low level of glucose in CSF may indicate infection.

Tips to manage fever:

·  Take a smooth towel or a cotton cloth and dip into cold water, wrap the cold towel around the neck, forehead, and around ankles.

·  Eat fruits like berries, watermelon, and oranges, which are rich in vitamin c and can fight against infections. Avoid spicy, fatty, and oily foods.

·   Fever causes dehydration. You can prevent dehydration by drinking as much water as possible.

·   Taking adequate rest can reduce the fever faster.

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