Beautifying celebrities is a pressurising job says Dr Monica Kapoor

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Dr. Monica Kapoor has been in the profession of beautifying celebrities for quite a long time, but she still feels that the job puts her under intense pressure. “With great power comes a great responsibility, and when your work has to do something with the celebrities, the responsibility automatically increases,” says Monica, a well-known cosmetologist who has been beautifying our favourite celebrities to make them look flawless and attractive.

Dr. Monica Kapoor cosmetologist, Beautifying Celebrities, Pressurising Jobs, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Monica Kapoor
Dr. Monica Kapoor

Cosmetologist Dr. Monica Kapoor

Elaborating on the kind of issues that come her way, Kapoor says, “The biggest pressure when treating them is the time constraint. Celebrities have very less time frame, and therefore they look for an immediate result or result within a very short time.”

“Besides the treatment, there are other procedures that are required to avoid any inflammation or body reaction. All this require time and patience which the clients hardly have,” she stated adding, “In such scenarios, some high-end treatments are available with their standard downtime, but to give excellent result without any side effects gets very pressuring for the doctor concerned.”

Kapoor further informed, “Lastly, the cosmetic doctors have to be very precise in terms of the results because the celebrities demand to look beautiful and natural at the same time. They wishfully undergo the treatment but prefer hiding such facts from the general public.”

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