Leading Femtech brand Nua partners with actor Deepika Padukone to transform menstrual wellness in India

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April 27th, 2022: Onto becoming every Indian woman’s menstrual health companion, leading Femtech brand Nua has announced TIME100 honouree, actor Deepika Padukone as the face of the brand for its Menstrual wellness products such as Sanitary Pads, Cramp Comfort, Intimate Wash, and Panty Liners

Deepika Padukone with Ravi Ramachandran

Being one of the top Femtech brands, Nua aims to help every Indian woman prioritize their menstrual health & wellness.

Commenting on the collaboration, CEO and Founder, Mr. Ravi Ramachandran shares,

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Deepika Padukone – a powerful woman whose vision for the women of our country is in perfect alignment with our brand’s objective. Her fearless endeavours in breaking norms and her optimism is what we think makes her a perfect choice for the brand Nua. As we continue to build science-backed products and offer Indian women easier access to menstrual products, we are determined to foster an environment for better and healthier living for them in the years to come. We are striving to normalise menstruation in India and encourage women to freely talk about their health issues so that we can help them with our solutions. Getting Deepika onto the bandwagon is a step forward for us as we are certain that she is a great source of inspiration for women of all ages today.”

Further on transforming menstrual wellness with science-backed products,

“Menstruation is a natural yet a psychological process. Hence, as a leading Femtech brand, it is our responsibility to introduce our consumers to products that are a result of a knowledgeable process, and also spread awareness by piloting impactful conversations. Our purpose lies in changing the perspective and practices with respect to menstrual wellness. From menarche to basic hygiene during menstruation, this journey must involve innovative and science backed products as every woman deserves warmth, comfort and safety.”

With equal elation, actor Deepika Padukone adds,

“I am honoured to join Nua in their mission to positively impact conversations around menstrual health and wellness for women in India.

Further on Nua’s products she added, “For a working professional who is always on the go, Nua’s sanitary pads and cramp comfort are not only reliable but also comfortable.”

With a wide range of innovations, Nua seeks to help women have a clean and holistic wellness journey. The brand has ingeniously pioneered a subscription model for menstrual products to deliver a whole-new personalized buying experience. Built around the ideals of sustainability, all of its products are made with 100% safe ingredients and are ‘Made Safe’ certified, toxin-free, dermatologically tested, and vegan. The brand also nurtures a thriving community that holds open and impactful discussions to increase awareness of menstrual well-being. Not only that, it also encourages women to speak about periods and other health issues by organizing expert sessions by gynecologists and mental health experts.

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