Fresh Fruit Bowl subscription service Juzi launches in Bangalore

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Juzi has just launched in Bengaluru, and is here to make your life easier with a bowl of delicious fresh cut fruits delivered to your home or office.


Juzi offers a range of fresh fruit bowls on a subscription basis, aimed to help people live a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.

We all know how important it is to eat fruits daily. However, it’s much harder than it seems. Finding a trusted vendor, selecting the right fruits, cleaning and cutting the fruits can be challenging and time consuming.

At Juzi, the selection of fruits is done by experts who hand-pick the most fresh and delicious fruits. The fruits are thoroughly cleaned, peeled and packed using specialized machines.

They are served in a biodegradable bowl and delivered using a cold chain to ensure they stay fresh. All this costs you as little as Rs 49 per bowl, including taxes and delivery.

It’s been months since the COVID-19 outbreak changed our lives. As a society, it has become imperative that we prioritize our health and build our body’s immunity.

In a time when we need to rethink snacking and nutrition, eating fruits regularly should be incorporated into our daily lives.

Fruits contain all essential vitamins and nutrition to help build immunity. They make life sweeter, and heighten our sense of energy and well-being.

Guruprasad Shenoy, CEO & Co-founder

“The idea is simple – fruits are easily the most diverse and healthy food, nature has to offer. However, it’s just not as easy to eat different types of fruits every day. With Juzi, we offer a flexible subscription model that enables people to eat fruits regularly at their home or office and at the time of their convenience; and in a super affordable manner. Our fruit bowls are the fastest, most affordable and convenient way for people to take the first step towards a balanced diet.”

Guruprasad Shenoy, CEO & Co-founder

At Juzi, the fruits are cut and packed under strict hygienic conditions at the production facility.

Apart from adhering to global COVID-19 prevention norms, Juzi uses an industrial size UV tunnel to sanitize fruits and other items before they enter the state-of-the-art facility. 

The Juzi facility resembles a clean room, with multiple measures to clean and isolate air and water.

Juzi has worked with nutritionists to design fruit bowls for specific user groups and objectives.

Keeping this in mind, we have curated various types of bowls right from Essentials bowl, Diabetic-friendly bowl, Skin Care Bowl, Hair Care Bowl, Energizer Bowl, Weight Loss Bowl and Premium Bowl. 

They offer a variety of pre-fixed bowls with a rotating selection of fruits, starting at Rs 49/- per bowl. 

Juzi is currently available in most parts of Bangalore.

Eating fruits has never been easier!

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