Has Jacqueline Fernandez undergone plastic surgeries; reveals Dr. Monica Kapoor

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Jacqueline Fernandez plastic surgery rumors doing rounds in the B-town for quite some time now and to end this we have an expert on the subject Dr. Monica Kapoor.

To charm the audience and thereby get into the mainstream, actors have time and again taken the help of plastic surgeries.

The latest in line is Sri Lanka‘s beauty Jacqueline Fernandez who is rumored to have undergone plastic surgery for feature enhancement.

However, Dr. Monica Kapoor, a well-known cosmetic and aesthetic physician is not very sure of the possibility.

The Observation

“A huge change can be observed in the actress’s facial appearance but if she has really undergone some plastic surgery is a little difficult to comment on, unless Jacqueline herself solves the mystery, Dr. Kapoor said adding,

“Other than plastic surgeries, there are innumerable cosmetic treatments which are quite common and handy. There is a possibility that she might have undergone procedures like Botox or Dermal fillers to enhance her beauty.”

Dr. Monica Kapoor
Jacqueline Fernandez plastic surgery, Jacqueline Fernandez before and after, Jacqueline Fernandez then and now
Jacqueline Fernandez Then and Now

On closely observing the actress’s face in movies like Murder 2- which she did during the initial stage of her career- you can instantly spot the difference.

“Yes one can definitely see some changes in her cheeks which are plumper Also, her jawline is a more chiseled, her nose seems shaper and lips are plumper than before,” Dr. Kapoor further added.

She also agrees that with or without any procedures, Jacqueline has always looked her best.

Though we are not sure if the change is due to surgery or other cosmetic treatments, Jacqueline undoubtedly looks much more glamorous and picture-perfect at present.

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Is Jacqueline Fernandez Miss Universe?

No, Jacqueline if not Miss Universe. But, she is the winner of the Miss Universe Sri Lanka pageant of 2006 which is a national pageant in Sri Lanka to choose ambassador for the Miss Universe pageant.

How much is Jacqueline Fernandez worth?

It is estimated to be around $10 million which is roughly equivalent to Rs. 75 crores. (Last Update : Aug 2021)

Who is Jacqueline Fernandez married to?

Currently, she is unmarried but she used to date Sheikh Hassan Bin Rashid Al Khalifa (Bahraini prince) Sajid Khan (Director).

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