When The Showbiz Industry Found Another Sushmita Sen in Prachi Tehlan

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After leaving her mark on the Indian television, Prachi Tehlan made a remarkable debut in the Punjabi film industry with a bang. The actress who is appreciated for her talent and skills manages to remain in the spotlight for her stunning looks and beautiful height. Being 5’11 feet tall, she is often compared to Sushmita Sen and Deepika Padukone.

Prachi Tehlan Height, Punjabi Actress Prachi Tehlan Hot
Prachi Tehlan (Left) & Sushmita Sen (Right)
What Prachi Tehlan Thinks About This

Talking about the incredible height she has got, Prachi says, “Though my mother was always worried about finding a suitable match for my marriage, but today, when I frequently hear people comparing me to the leading actresses of the Bollywood like Deepika Padukone, Sushmita Sen and Pooja Batra because of my height, it feels good.

Prachi, who hails from Delhi, stepped in the Indian television industry with the show Diya or Baati hum and now in less than 2 years she bagged Susheel’s role in Star plus upcoming prime time show Ikyawann. The actress revealed that she was quite excited when she was offered this lead role as the character is very close to what she has been in her personal life. Waiting to see this towering beauty spreading her charm.

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