What’s common between Donald Trump and Rakhi Sawant

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What is common between Donald Trump and Rakhi Sawant? Sometimes Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar can do quite a number. The kind of stuff that comes from his head, could be gospel for PR legends. Like today, the guy wrote a blog post pointing out a “common” factor between his on-and-off PR client Rakhi Sawant and US President Donald Trump.

We have to admit, the comparison has us in splits. Not only that, but the comic picture collages that accompany it are a treat to the eyes. See for yourself.

Analyzing Trump’s so-called impulsive and erratic moves

Analyzing Trump’s so-called impulsive and erratic moves, Dale tries to make some sense of it. “If I understand US President Donald Trump’s PR game, directly or indirectly, he will toe the ‘America First’ line at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland and everyone will scream ‘anti-globalism’ and ‘protectionism’ again,” writes the publicity expert.

The Bollywood PR further predicts, Trump’s “rhetoric will spark more debates in America and China, increase speculation in Russia, United Kingdom and France and keep the rest of the world including North Korea on guard (on guard from the unpredictable Trump, of course).”

Then the top public relations man wrote something very interesting. “I guess what Trump wants is to have himself on one side and the world on the other. It’s an importance-gaining PR tactic, smartly disguised under the pretext of nationalism, control and world order. He is playing that game and the world is exactly falling into his PR trap.”

Rakhi Sawant Vs Donald Trump

Dale compares this tactic to that of Rakhi Sawant who he has worked with pretty often. “Do exactly the opposite of what everyone expects one to do, shout from rooftops, and people will take notice. It works, and how! And she (Rakhi) carries it off real well. Whether you deliver on what you say is not important. What’s important is that you are always in the news,” he adds.

“There’s no news like bad news. But better than bad news, is weird news. It’s just a kind of PR strategy. A kind not everyone can manage. Trump can, Rakhi can. And you, the listener, viewer and reader is the scapegoat. Can you save yourself from it. I doubt. Not after social media,” concludes the Bollywood publicist. True that!

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