50+ Best Quotes by Dr. Gregory House from HOUSE M.D. TV Show


Dr House Quote on Love, Dr House Quotation on Happiness

“Love and happiness are distraction.”


Dr House Quote on Doctors, Dr House Quotation on illness

“Treating illnesses is why we became doctors. Treating patients is what makes most doctors miserable.”


Dr House ultimate quotation“I’m not fine as in fine,but fine as in you don’t have to worry about me”


Dr House Quote on Success, Dr House quote on failure

“Success lasts until someone screws them over. Failures are forever”


Dr House quote on Money, Dr House quote on sex

“There’s two things we get stupid for: Money and Sex”


Dr House quote on party girl, best quotation about life“Slutty party girl is fun until she pukes on her shoes – then she’s just a pain in the ass.”


Dr House quote on God, Best quote on God“Either God doesn’t exist or he’s unimaginably cruel.”


Dr House quote on dying, dr house quote on lie

“Dying people lie too. Wish they’d worked less, been nicer, opened orphanages for kittens. If you really want to do something, you do it. You don’t save it for a sound bite.”


Dr House quote on lie, dr house quote on stealing, Dr house quote on cheat“I teach you to lie, cheat and steal. And as soon as I turn my back you stand in line?”


Dr house quote to foreman

House to Foreman: “If you came back for more salary you’re a whore. If you came back for same salary you’re a stupid

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