Daaji Meditation: The Truth about Yoga, Spirituality, and Making Your Own Destiny

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Guide of Heartfulness, Kamlesh Patel (Daaji) famous for Daaji Meditation and Actor, Author, Kabir Bedi share their experiences with spirituality and making your own destiny


Hyderabad, 05th July 2021: Kamlesh Patel also known as Daaji, Guide of Heartfulness,the author of ‘The Heartfulness Way’ & ‘Designing Destiny’; joined Kabir Bedi , a well-known actor, and the author of ‘Stories I Must Tell’; in an enthralling conversation about the books, spirituality, meditation, yoga, and designing one’s destiny. 

Daaji and Kabir Bedi shared their life experiences and their encounters with spirituality. Kabir Bedi spoke about his parents instilling spiritual teachings into him at a young age and how that influenced his life in the later years. The discussion was aimed at understanding spirituality and destiny at a deeper level.

Spirituality and Meditation

During the discussion, Kabir Bedi spoke about his inner strength, dealing with setbacks and losses, and his experiences as a Buddhist monk.

He also spoke about his encounter with Vipassana meditation at a very formative age and the quality of being able to observe one’s mind through meditation has remained with him all his life.

He further spoke about how being exposed to spirituality and meditation at a young age, gave him an inherent strength to deal with setbacks later in his life. Daaji, explained in detail about Heartfulness meditation and its significance in life.

He offered tips on Yoga and emphasized on the fact that mental & emotional well-being is very important in one’s life to flourish, and to pursue their passion.

Speaking about yoga being touted as a cure all, Guide of Heartfulness, Daaji said,

“It is already too late to dig a well when there’s fire. Now that we have realized this, it is an opportunity for all of us to strengthen our mental, physical, and emotional abilities and also advance spiritually. Yoga has been misunderstood as a cure for all. It is not a cure for all. When practiced only at a physical level, yoga cannot impact your soul. Asanas and Pranayamas only improve our physical health. They are a part of yoga, and not yoga itself. Our emotional, mental, and spiritual self, are more important than our physical self; and therefore, vital for holistic wellbeing.”

Conversing with Daaji about destiny, Kabir Bedi said, 

I consider myself fortunate to have experienced and grown up with two different cultural traditions. One from my father’s lineage and another through my mother. Both cultures are deep rooted in spiritualty and have been influential in my life. Having interacted with many spiritual teachers, I have tried to imbibe their teachings throughout my life. The Stories I must tell, is a collection of such deeply felt moments and experiences. It was a great privilege to have this conversation with Daaji, who has such immense knowledge about Yoga and spiritualty.”

Understanding Destiny

Kabir Bedi asked Daaji to share his thoughts on destiny and whether it is true that destiny is pre-determined, as most people regard destiny as something pre-ordained or pre-fixed. Daaji explained that If Destiny was written on stone, then it would be futile to work, educate ourselves, make our lives better.

If the end result is fixed, then there is no use for our actions, intentions, and thoughts. But this is half the truth.

Destiny is the result of our actions. For example, If I did not study pharmacy, if I did not educate myself, I would not have been exposed to the results of my education. Having said that, there are also many external forces, circumstances, situations that influence our destiny. But with our attitude, thoughts, intentions, and actions, we can change our destiny. external forces, circumstances, can also distract us from the path and change our destiny. Destiny can change anytime due to many influencers, while some are in our control, some may not be in our control.”

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